Retail is a transaction-centric industry, amounting to roughly 1.01 billion credit-card transactions globally every day. Those transactions pile up to create a mountain of data, all stored in databases. Which makes a retailer’s database environment undoubtedly the cmost important workload in the company.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the retail industry’s most popular databases, and being able to recover SQL quickly after a data loss event or cyberattack is critical to business. Unfortunately, recovery often takes too long. So, how fast is your SQL backup and restore? And how can you make it faster?

Speed SQL Backup and Recovery with FlashBlade

Pure Storage® FlashBlade® is an all-flash, scale-out fast file and object platform that delivers multiterabyte-per-hour backup speeds and recovery performance at scale.

Recent testing of SQL backups using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio resulted in stunning backup speeds of more than a terabyte per minute for multiple SQL servers. That’s not a typo: FlashBlade delivers total backup performance on a terabyte-per-minute level. For recovery, testing achieved single-server recovery speeds of nearly 20TB an hour.

Check out the full testing details to see the exact parameters we used and to learn best practices. 

What if you rely on a third-party backup tool instead of native SQL tools? No worries,  FlashBlade has validated solutions with Commvault, Veeam, Veritas, and other backup providers. By simply using FlashBlade for your backup storage, you can dramatically boost your backup and restore times. If you’re fed up with your backup solution, take a look at Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity®, a high-performance, ultra-modern backup offering.

Why SQL Backup and Recovery is a Retail Priority

Data protection and recovery should be a priority for retail organizations. A Sophos survey showed that ransomware attackers had hit 49% of retailers over a one-year period. FlashBlade can also help you recover your data in the event of a ransomware attack.

But FlashBlade is for much more than backup and recovery. It’s also a powerful platform for use cases like business data analytics and artificial intelligence. By using FlashBlade, you can do linear scaling in performance and capacity by simply adding blades. Use it to consolidate multiple file and object workloads onto a single platform and eliminate data silos.

Retail organizations face numerous challenges as they try to manage rapid digital transformation. The impact of losing one or more SQL databases could be a severe setback to transformation efforts.

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