We introduced a series of new cloud data services to enable customers to break down the cloud divide between on-premises and the public cloud. These new cloud data services are seamlessly integrated with our existing cloud data infrastructure to deliver the foundation for hybrid cloud and next generation data protection.

Of course, we’re not new to the cloud game. Cloud data infrastructure to power private clouds is something we’ve been investing in from the beginning. In this blog, we will focus on the awesome innovations that deliver the foundation for building your ultimate private cloud.

Thousands of clouds, including some of the best enterprise and SaaS clouds, are already built on Pure. Pure’s cloud data infrastructure helps these organizations to transform their IT teams to IT-as-a-Service operations, enabled by the simplicity, agility, and automation that Pure drives.


The core of any cloud is automation and orchestration. We have made significant investments to give customers the choice to choose any cloud automation platform, any automation, and any container or virtual machine platform. We have a deep and wide range of integration with all of these.

If you’ve bet your infrastructure on VMware, you’re going to love the deep integrations that we deliver. We’ve made it easy to build your VM-based cloud. We’ve done the hard work of fully integrating with VMware vSphere®, vRealize®, vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, VMware Site Recovery Manager™, and Virtual Volumes™ (VVols)  so you can build a highly available, truly automated and self-serviceable cloud. FlashArray™//X delivers industry’s simplest VVols implementation, enabling you to unlock per-VM control. And, we’ve done comprehensive integration with VMware vRealize, so that you can build fully-automated provisioning via a service catalog that you can expose directly to your end-users. Our integrations with VMware are even backed by the assurance of a VMware Validated Design Certified Partner Architecture. VM-as-a-Service delivered!

All-NVMe based FlashArray//X is already super fast, but, if you are seeking the next level of speed via end-to-end NVMe for your VM-based cloud, we’ve got that in the works too. We’ve partnered with VMware on an NVMe-oF tech preview. We can’t wait to talk more about this in the future.

More on our VMware integrations and solutions can be found here.

One of the coolest capabilities that we added recently is full stack VMware performance monitoring in Pure1®.  With VM Analytics, infrastructure teams have just the right tool at their fingertips to get the fastest time to innocence.  If a VM-based application is experiencing performance anomalies, you can instantly see performance metrics at each layer spanning the vDisk to the storage array and everything in-between. To learn more about our VMware integrations in Pure1 check out our blog or the demo.

If Microsoft is your virtualization and automation platform of choice, we’ve also invested in integrations there. Pure offers pre-built integration with Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows Admin Center, and a ton of PowerShell commandlets to assist customers in automating everything. We make it simple and easy to take iterative tasks in a Microsoft world and make them fully automated.

If OpenStack is your platform, we offer integrations with that as well. Our Cinder driver delivers enhanced features (snapshots, volume groups, replication), while integrating with Glance to speed cloud deployments. Our Python Automation Toolkit extends native Cinder features to cover all Pure feature sets not yet available in Cinder.

An Open Approach to Automation and Orchestration

At Pure, we have a REST API-first strategy, and we’ve invested in building integration with the common orchestration tools, including Ansible, Puppet, SaltStack, ServiceNow and more. Your developers can truly take advantage of Pure as infrastructure-as-code.

What about containers?

Container adoption continues to explode with dev/test, web services, and stateless apps. And now, container adoption is extending to persistent apps where persistent container storage is not only highly reliable, but also where automation is required. The good news is that Pure has invested in enabling container storage-as-a-service experience with Pure Service Orchestrator (PSO). Supported with Docker and pre-integrated with Kubernetes, PSO delivers container storage on-demand via policy, scales storage elastically with a mix of block and file across FlashArrays and FlashBlades in your fleet, and self-heals with transparent recovery. Your developers can develop and deploy container-based persistent apps easily on shared accelerated storage.

For more information on these innovations check out this blog and code.purestorage.com

Of course developers want to go beyond just infrastructure. They are demanding to gain agility with Platform-as-a-Service, which they believe they can only get from the Public cloud. We can help with that too. We offer a reference architecture for an all-flash PaaS that combines the power of Pure with Red Hat OpenShift container platform. It’s super simple to setup with pre-built automation. You can empower your developers and DBAs to provision datastores with a couple of clicks and within seconds.


The real end-game is to ultimately enable you to deliver the same level of block, file, object services you can get from the cloud on-demand, on-prem. By doing so, we make it easy for customers to enable hybrid applications and data portability across their owned and rented clouds. With our Purity operating environment and Pure1® cloud-based storage management, we deliver all the protocols that you need and they can all be consumed via REST APIs. One of the recent additions is object storage.


Object storage today is relatively new in the enterprise, but it’s growing quickly as next generation cloud-native apps become more of a focus.  Cloud-native apps predominantly use object storage and next-gen developers code with object storage, but most enterprises don’t have it at all. We believe helping enterprises adopt and deploy object is a pretty important mission right now, as it’s essential to building and/or moving web scale, cloud-native apps on-prem.  With unique innovations such as FlashBlade™, which supports object natively, enterprises can leverage super fast object store along with enabling next-gen analytics, even backup, all on the data hub.

Finally, just like in the Public cloud, you can consume and pay on demand with our Evergreen Storage Service. Data growth today is unpredictable, and over- and under-provisioning of resources is a constant concern. You can consume and pay on-demand with Pure Evergreen™ Storage Service which offers a flexible alternative: an OPEX-based, pay-per-use model for storage-as-a-service. Evergreen Storage Services supports block, file, and object and can be deployed on-premises and in colocation facilities – connected to the public cloud or in a hybrid combination.


Any private cloud architecture that you invest in should provide the flexibility to seamlessly extend to true hybrid operations, so that you can take advantage of the agility and innovation across private and public clouds. With Pure, you can!

With our new cloud data services announcement, Pure unifies cloud. When your business is ready, you can extend your on-premises cloud to public cloud with one storage platform that delivers consistent data services, resiliency, and APIs across your hybrid cloud. Combined with bi-directional mobility for your data and apps, you can build applications once and run them anywhere, and modernize protection with flash and cloud.

To learn more about how to build your ultimate on-premises cloud with Pure, check us out here.