Fifty years ago, when futurist Alvin Toffler predicted technology would be the world’s greatest engine of change, he also warned about the disruption the extreme pace of change might bring. With the ongoing move to digital and the uncertainty of 2020, pressures on IT administrators and database administrators (DBAs) have mounted. The challenge now is to manage and leverage increasingly larger database workloads.

Yet, despite the deluge of data we’ve already seen, predictions show the situation will only get tougher. 

According to a survey of 2,300 global business and IT leaders by MIT Technology Review Insights in association with Pure Storage – Prepping for the Data Deluge by CIO, nearly 90% of respondents voiced widespread concern about their ability to analyze the data given surging data volumes, quality, and speed.

So what can you do to prepare?

Change the Pace of Performance to Keep Up

The increased volume and complexity of data lengthens the time it takes to copy and clone data sets and can impact application response times. But what if you could power through Oracle database workloads with sub-millisecond latency as low as 250μs to get your data faster than ever before? 

With Pure Storage® DirectFlash® software, you can be the driving force of database workloads that are powered by 100% all-flash end-to-end NVMe and NVMe-oF arrays. Faster and consistent response times bring unparalleled performance that’s optimised for the continually growing data deluge. It also provides an opportunity to save on cost resulting from a drop in server CPU consumption. 

But performance isn’t just about the database speed. It also comes down to the speed of setup as you continue to add new workloads to keep up with the growing datasphere. A recent IDC white paper highlights Pure Solutions for Oracle database workloads as offering 54% improved storage-array deployment agility. Without needing tuning or workload-specific setup, you can quickly integrate Oracle database workloads and get to work. 

Ensure Your Database Workloads Have Flexibility 

As the backbone of every digitally transformed business, database workloads need protection against disruption, which consumes more administrative resources than ever. Using Pure Storage FlashArray solutions can safeguard Oracle database workloads with maintenance operations that maintain availability with 99.9999% uptime, without compromising performance. This means Oracle databases and applications are always available, always performing, and always protected, with no data loss—thanks to zero RTO and RPO when using Purity ActiveCluster replication.

While the focus on maintaining existing database workloads remains important, the option to grow into available storage space will also be a priority as the datasphere continues to grow. Living in these unprecedented times, you need flexibility to add storage space and build a datasphere that powers worry-free business continuity. 

With Evergreen™ storage and Pure as-a-Service™, you have the option to access a subscription to continuous innovation and flexible pay-as-you-go OPEX models that will always have your back, without disruption or unpredictable cost. And because migrating data from legacy systems can be complex, Pure Migration Services specialize in moving Oracle data from all brands of legacy systems onto Pure technology. With Pure’s Evergreen™ architecture and data-in-place upgrades, your migration from legacy storage will be your last migration.

Unite Workloads into One Powerhouse System

It’s evident that data volumes are increasing, but so are the sources and the complexity of that data. For DBAs, this means large, complex databases that need constant performance tuning, which robs already-harried staff of time for innovation. 

Pure Storage Pure1® storage management offers a unified cloud-based management environment that unites and monitors the datasphere—simplifying management of Oracle database workloads. With intelligent fleet monitoring and advanced capacity planning backed by workload simulation, you can deliver Oracle resources faster, while controlling costs and better forecasting IT needs. Now you can blast through data on a single-platform warehouse and share it across applications with a massively distributed transaction database for a true scale-out architecture.

DBAs and IT administrators must quickly adapt their Oracle database workloads for the data deluge that continues to flood modern business. Despite the rapid pace of data influx, readily available solutions can help you get ready today for the ever-increasing data demands of tomorrow. Make sure you’re equipped to tap into the explosion of the datasphere.