I love the way people say, “Real talk?” That little question mark at the end makes it about so much more than just telling the truth. They’re talking about a truth that someone really needs to hear and just checking to see if that person is ready to hear it.

Sometimes, I check in with a straight-talking colleague of mine when I need “real talk.” He’s a software engineering leader who has worked for several household names in tech. And I know he’ll tell me the real story.

So, I asked him to share his thoughts on our new Portworx® Enterprise Workshops. We designed the workshops to give Portworx users a fast start when adding persistent storage to their Kubernetes-based apps so they can speed up the time to production readiness. Here were his thoughts from an engineering (and real talk) perspective:

  • When a company moves to a new system like Portworx, the development team isn’t likely to have any extra time built into the schedule.
  • The development team wants minimal engagement with vendors: They have work to do and talking to a vendor is time away from developing.
  • When they do engage with a vendor, the development team wants to make every minute count.

So, how do Portworx services and workshops from Pure Professional Services measure up to these real-world engineering requirements?

Enabling Faster Development Cycles

Portworx Enterprise gives development teams a robust, reliable, and scalable solution for persistent storage in a container-based (Kubernetes) application. In other words, it’s designed to accelerate the development process, especially when scaling. Although the development team might still have a tight timeline, Portworx should help solve some nagging storage problems for the container-based apps.

Providing the Level of Service You Need

Pure Professional Services delivery engineers match their level of engagement with the needs of your development team. They offer deep experience with Portworx and storage to expedite the design, deployment, and configuration for Portworx implementations.

You can choose from four levels of service:

  • Do It Yourself (with a Little Help): Portworx is simple and designed to be self-service. For smaller-scale apps and environments with fewer storage and reliability requirements, many teams are successful without a lot of active engagement with Pure. They can ask a few questions and work through the rest themselves. They can also connect with peers in the Pure Community to get advice and help others.
  • Enterprise Quickstart: If you need a quick check and push to get started, this workshop provides a health check of an existing Portworx cluster, such as one that you may have set up for a proof of concept or free trial. The workshop also identifies and reviews key operational tasks and procedures. The Quickstart gets you started right by ensuring the development team is using best practices for a healthy Portworx cluster.
  • Design and Operational Readiness Bundles: Think of these as a supercharger to reach production readiness. They provide comprehensive design, deployment, and configuration services for your Portworx solution. And they include a review of application backup, disaster recovery, and automation to simplify deployment. The workshops aim to accelerate time-to-value and enable delivery within tight schedules. For longer-term success, these workshops include ongoing knowledge transfer to develop storage expertise in your app development team.
  • Design and Operational Readiness Advanced Services: Portworx Advanced Services offer customized, collaborative service. If you have unique or complex requirements, our experts will work with you to successfully achieve your goals on a customized project. Our team provides in-depth help for design, implementation, and scale-up. We’ll focus on integrating data security and business continuity features into Kubernetes containers. The result is an app ready to scale up to full production.

Saving Time (and Headaches)

The Pure Professional Services team brings the best expertise in storage, Portworx, and data services from Pure and our partners. We’ve helped many development teams design and scale persistent-storage solutions for Kubernetes-based applications. Rather than slowing down developers, our team can help lessen the burden and make every minute of their valuable time count.

It’s always good to have colleagues and trusted partners you can count on. Especially when navigating into something new.

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