At this year’s Accelerate, the hot topic was our new Modern Data Strategy. When it comes to public sector, this strategy has the ability to help Federal agencies and state and local governments operate efficiently and effectively. More and more, government IT departments are asked to do more with less – but the need for modernization has not changed. In fact, with the rise of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the needs for modernization has become even more critical. Pure’s new strategy is simple, seamless, and sustainable – characteristics that are essential for success within any government IT operation.

Governments must have a path to growth and innovation when it comes to scaling their operation and leveraging the cloud – and that is where Evergreen//One™ comes in. It is an approach built to enable cloud adoption, and allows governments to easily implement a “cloud smart” strategy that protects the workloads that should remain on-premise and move other data and applications to the cloud. The ability to scale operations is increasingly important for governments on the path to AI. In a recent survey by MeriTalk and Pure, 66% of government and business IT leaders indicated that hybrid cloud is a primary driver or important enabler for AI adoption.

The cornerstones of Evergreen//One are Cloud Block Store – which is now available on Amazon Web Services – and Pure’s Evergreen Storage Service OpEx model for on-premises storage infrastructure. These new developments and offerings make Pure the first and only company to offer a unified subscription that enables complete flexibility across solutions both on-prem and in the cloud.

It is no secret that government budgets are tight – and are routinely being asked to do more with less. Enter FlashArray//C, a new platform that brings the power and performance of flash to environments at a more competitive cost, furthering the modern data management experience. While many governments have relied on spinning disks or hybrid arrays because they are perceived as cost-effective, FlashArray//C offers an alternative. FlashArray//C provides the full suite of Pure’s data reduction and offers essential services all at a competitive cost. This solution is tailored to support those large capacity use cases where scale is more critical than sub-millisecond performance.

Pure is striving to enable agency transformation at all levels of government with three key characteristics for agencies today:

  •       Simple. API-defined storage services, common management tools and actionable analytics.
  •       Seamless. Storage services that can handle multiple protocols, tiers and clouds in a single environment.
  •       Sustainable. Customers buy only what they need, when they need it, and can upgrade to the latest innovation without pain or penalty.

Governments can leverage these products and services to drive data center consolidation, build multi-cloud architectures, run high availability services, and create an analytics core that operations can be built around. Innovation is a key focus for government IT leaders – and a modern approach to data management is essential as they look to drive agility and efficiency. As-a-service models offer the cost control governments demand – while enabling the flexibility across on-premise and cloud solutions.