The need for healthcare companies to rapidly scale their digital infrastructure and protect their data has never been greater. 

In fact, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) names healthcare as one of 16 critical infrastructure sectors “whose assets, systems and networks whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof.” 

No pressure, right? Now, on top of that, add rapidly changing technology requirements in the industry and other complex and costly challenges. For example: 

  • The dramatic expansion of telehealth: Healthcare organizations have had to ramp up telehealth programs quickly. More than three-quarters of U.S. hospitals now connect with patients remotely using video, audio, chat, email, and other technologies, according to advisory firm Arizton.  We also expect greater reliance on remote visits to continue.
  • The growing threat of ransomware attacks: Malicious actors look to exploit healthcare organizations under immense strain. A CryptoLocker ransomware attack can bring operations to a standstill. Healthcare organizations cannot afford to wait hours or days to restore their systems, especially in the middle of a public-health crisis. Their data must be usable. Rapid restore is essential.

Epic Systems Corporation recently notified its customers about technology partners that can help them respond in today’s environment. Pure Storage is proud to be part of this important team supporting the greater healthcare community. Pure provides several programs to help Epic’s customers respond effectively to these challenges and provide front-line staff with the always-available information they need. 

Here’s what you can expect from Pure:

Enhancements to Pure as-a-Service™

We’ve enhanced our storage-as-a-service consumption model in response to the need for companies to adopt agile IT infrastructure. We are here to help as you expand your telemedicine capabilities—and perhaps, bed capacity—to meet changing demands. Our offering features:

  • Three months of Pure as-a-Service at no cost for all new customers with a 12-month contract term of 50 TiB.
  • Quick shipment and remote installation options that enhance the infrastructure for critical applications and services. Pure has ample inventory and a robust supply chain that has been proven over the last few months.
  • Low-touch installation service and remote implementations, enabling teams to comply with social-distancing guidelines.

We also provide pay-as-you-go billing, which eliminates overprovisioning and additional assets on the books. That can help your organization weather any uncertainty in the future. Seamlessly scale up, out, and even down as needs change—without CAPEX spend or staggered leases. 

Healthcare Data Protection Program

Pure’s data protection program helps protect critical healthcare infrastructure during extraordinary times. Users can address security, confidentiality, and accessibility issues cost-effectively and quickly. The result is immediate protection. With this in mind, we have also implemented:

  • Enhanced rapid restore through your existing data-protection solutions through our alliance with industry leaders in this area. 
  • Critical infrastructure support for Epic via additional FlashBlade® capacity. Pure delivers the rapid data experience that clinicians require—plus FlashBlade SafeMode™ snapshots for recovering data effected during a ransomware attack. 

Healthcare depends on the availability of critical systems and the lifesaving data these systems support. Pure’s data protection program helps you deliver on both fronts, so you can focus on delivering quality care and keeping your team members safe.

Healthcare Programs with Our Partners

As healthcare providers worldwide continue to be on the front lines, Pure Storage, in collaboration with our strong ecosystem of health IT partners, is ready to support their needs—and yours.

Veritas: Veritas is the one data management company that can handle scalability while maintaining simplicity of use with our modern user interface. During this troubling time, we’d like to ease your transition to this scalable platform by offering the first three months free of Veritas’s NetBackup subscription solution with a 12-month or greater commit. Learn more about this special offer from Veritas and Pure for Epic customers online or send an email to

Rubrik: Rubrik is proud to partner with Pure to offer a promotion to help meet the need for increased data protection of critical healthcare infrastructure during these extraordinary times. Together, Rubrik and Pure Storage deliver the data protection and instant access you need to keep your data protected and accessible when you need it. Learn more about Rubrik’s partnership with Pure and details of the Rubrik promotion.


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