The last thing you need at a time like this is more complexity. You just want things to work. At Pure Storage, our teams take pride in removing unnecessary complexity and making it easier for you to get your job done. Recently, one area where we’ve been really focused is the installation process for new systems.

In March, we introduced a new remote installation option for Pure FlashArray. We’re happy to see that it’s been adopted at record rates and is breaking down barriers for your businesses, even as operating environments in these uncertain times become less predictable. Internal Hackathon to Install FlashArray and FlashBladeIn April, we introduced the same remote installation option for Pure FlashBlade. It’s also off to an amazing start.

When we asked you how we could simplify things even more, some of you told us you’d like to manage the installation process yourselves. But only if you could get access to the right tools.

Systems Engineering Ran a Hackathon

With that feedback in mind, our systems engineering team ran an internal hackathon to quickly create a new toolset that drives even more simplicity into our installation process. We challenged our team to build a simpler front-end toolset for provisioning FlashArray and FlashBlade, using the new Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) capabilities in the latest release of Purity OS.

Two weeks ago, we declared Brandon Showers, an SE in our Americas Federal division, the winner of the contest. His tool is now validated, QA’d, and posted on our public GitHub repository where Windows, Linux, and Mac versions are available.

And so, starting today, it’s official!

3 Installation Options: DIY, Install-with-Pure, and White-glove

You can get the ultimate in flexibility and choose from three installation options when deploying FlashArray and FlashBlade systems:

Option 1 – Do-it-Yourself: You can install FlashArray and FlashBlade systems by yourself, using the tool and documentation on GitHub. While there’s a difference between doing it yourself and paying for a Pure installation service, this option is all about creating more choice and flexibility for you.

Option 2 – Install-with-Pure: Pure can help install new systems remotely, via video conference. This option is best when you have personnel on-site who can unbox and rack the equipment while providing the end-to-end assurance from a certified Pure Storage engineer. Simply order the service, schedule a time with the Pure Customer Experience team, and 100% of the process is completed without the need to bring any new personnel on-site.

Option 3 – We Install for You: You can have Pure or our authorized partners perform a complete white-glove installation where and when local regulations allow.

Benefits of Pure-supported Installs

When Pure performs the installation service (options 2 and 3), you’ll get:

  • Pre-implementation planning: Our Professional Services team will conduct a discovery session to review your environment, confirm configuration details, and schedule the install.
  • Hardware installation: A Pure implementation engineer will unpack, rack, cable, and power up your new array.
  • Pure OS initialization: Once installed, our team initializes the Purity OS and configures FlashArray according to your requirements.
  • SAN and network connectivity: Our team tests management connectivity to your FlashArray, configures any Fiber Channel or iSCSI connections, and assists you and your team in setting up replication.

Whether you install and activate with us via the remote option, or have us do it for you, the immediate results include:

  • A fully installed and tested Pure FlashArray ready to run and provide you with the simplicity, reliability, and ease of use that defines the Pure experience.
  • Knowledge transfer from Pure to you for rapid adoption and operation, all made simple.
  • Activation support for proactive and predictive monitoring, ensuring simple, reliable administration through the Pure1 mobile app — so you can manage your systems from almost anywhere.

In this continuing time of uncertainty, Pure remains committed to accelerating time-to-value while freeing up time and budget for you to optimize your investments wherever you find the best return.

Please reach out to your account team or contact Pure directly for more details.