Throughout our lives, we’re often faced with challenging choices: which university to attend, Paris or Tokyo for vacation, or which opportunity to pursue next to further our career. Some choices are easier than others, clearly, but they’re important decisions for you, and in certain cases, they can be life-changing.

It might be a bit of a stretch to compare choosing a technology partner to other challenging life decisions and say that it can be life-changing. But the impact of your choice can have lasting ramifications for you, your IT team, and your organization.

The right choice can result in a positive, long-lasting impact for your IT teams and organization, or conversely, negatively affect your team’s long-term ability to be agile. This is especially important when you’re selecting a storage solution provider that will be responsible for managing one of your organization’s most precious assets—your data.

Upending the Data Storage Market 

In the tech world, being the “first to market” often does not equate to “the best solution” for the customer. That is, unless the company that’s first to market also delivers differentiated value that has been broadly accepted by customers.

Take, for example, Pure Storage. When we first introduced our unique Evergreen architecture and Evergreen® subscription (as-a-service) offerings, we turned the data storage market upside down. Since then, competitors have attempted to come up with equivalent storage subscriptions, but by many measures—namely customer adoption—Pure Storage continues to lead the market by a wide margin. It’s further proven by the following key customer statistic:

Evergreen//Forever™ has provided customers with over 10,000 unique controller upgrades—all completed non-disruptively, with zero impact to critical enterprise workloads and applications. These controller upgrades take literally minutes, with near-zero burden for IT staff (read how we helped the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team), all enabled by our Evergreen architecture.

Breaking the Painful Legacy Storage Upgrade Cycle

Let’s take a moment to understand the impact of that 10,000 controller upgrade number from a customer’s perspective. With legacy storage vendors, upgrading storage to meet workload and application demands requires a heavy lift for IT staff, with scheduled downtime and complexities associated with data migration from old to new storage. It’s invasive, time-consuming, and the antithesis of IT agility. Think of how much time and resources are wasted that could have been focused on higher-value more strategic projects. 

Pure Storage’s Evergreen architecture breaks this painful legacy storage cycle of buy, upgrade, repeat. The Evergreen portfolio of subscriptions based on this agile architecture is the most customer-proven, comprehensive, and flexible. Choose from:

  • Evergreen//One: A fully Pure Storage-managed storage subscription, Evergreen//One provides a single storage service for your data. Gain the economics of public cloud along with the security and resilience of on premises. Subscribe to the capacity, performance, and service level you need—when you need it, where you need it.
  • Evergreen//Flex™: With Evergreen//Flex, customers can realize immediate benefits with a lower initial purchase expense. Match expense to resource use more closely with a subscription to capacity. Scale up quickly and shift performance where needed to meet sudden changes in workload or user demand with zero data loss, no data migrations, and a Pure Storage commitment to pay for customers’ power and rack space costs.
  • Evergreen//Forever: This was the industry’s first ownership subscription, giving you IT agility without disruption or rebuys. Combining a traditional storage purchase with a subscription to continuous software and hardware upgrades, Evergreen//Forever is the industry’s number one customer-proven way to buy storage once and run it virtually forever, backed by guaranteed zero data loss, no data migration, and power and space efficiency.

So, is it really that tough of a choice? But do your own fact-based research. We’re confident that you’ll draw similar conclusions as our customers and independent industry analysts. Here are a few highlights:

  • Pure Storage has been named A Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for 10 consecutive years.
  • 54% of Fortune 500 organizations use Pure Storage.
  • Our NPS of 81.4% is in the top 1% of B2B companies.

Learn more about what factors to consider when evaluating your options. Download the ESG white paper, “As-a-service IT: Maximizing Your Return, Wherever You Are on Your Modernization Journey.”