This blog post is co-authored by Chris Richings,  Senior Director of Professional Services – Global Services Engineering at Pure.

Like many companies, your organization is probably running some of your workloads on Amazon Web Services as part of your hybrid-cloud strategy. And you’re probably excited about this week’s announcement from AWS about the general availability of Outposts, which extends AWS cloud features to on-premises data centers. With Outposts, you can get a consistent public/private hybrid-cloud experience.

We’re excited about hybrid-cloud solutions, too. And we recently announced that Pure Storage® is an AWS Outposts Service Ready partner. This partnership allows you to pair AWS Outposts with your Pure on-premises storage systems. This gives you the benefits including data analytics, AI/ML, rapid recovery, and technical computing use cases while providing secure, high-performance, AWS S3-compliant storage and Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) storage for other Tier 1 workloads. In fact, Pure Storage is the only Unified Fast File and Object storage solution validated to work with Outposts in your data center.

If you’re a data-storage system professional, you’ll likely see opportunities and challenges to developing your hybrid-cloud strategy on both the technical and business side. And you may have some questions about how it applies in your environment, such as:

  • What will it take to implement Pure Storage FlashBlade® with AWS Outposts?
  • What will it mean for our storage estate?
  • How will it affect our applications?
  • What are the costs and risks necessary to get the benefits of a hybrid-cloud solution using AWS Outposts and Pure Storage FlashBlade?
  • Which workloads should I move to the cloud and which should I keep on-premises?

If you’re making decisions about your organization’s storage systems, be sure that you’re moving forward with a full understanding of the current systems, technologies, configurations, interdependencies, and costs.

Pure’s Multicloud Strategy Workshop is designed to help you answer these questions. Developed by Pure Professional Services, the workshop provides a structured, defined-scope, collaborative process to gather data on and develop goals for your storage systems. Leveraging our global experience, we help you create a plan to move to a hybrid-cloud or multicloud solution and increase your return on investment. This approach helps ensure that your move to AWS Outposts fully meets the needs of your data-storage systems and applications.

The workshop starts with a meeting between your team and ours. The first step is to perform a discovery of the environment to identify all of the cloud and on-prem components and configurations. It also documents the business processes and goals. With this baseline, the Pure team can make a complete assessment of the current environment and provide a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis for your storage systems.

Our analysis will show how interconnected your systems are, identify interdependencies, and break down your complex environments. You’ll get an objective analysis of your current environment based on industry best practices. The results will provide the basis for a strategic plan to move to a hybrid-cloud or multicloud environment, including:

  • A cloud-adoption plan
  • Reference architecture
  • Data-protection plans
  • A checklist of activities
  • A TCO analysis for a smooth transition

We can conduct the workshop at your site or remotely based on your requirements for security and/or social distancing.

Customers have described the Multicloud Strategy Workshop as “focused,” “practical,” and “useful.” It’s an effective way to make sure that any investment in a hybrid-cloud or multicloud architecture actually accomplishes your business goals.

If you and your team are considering implementing AWS Outposts, leverage Pure Professional Services and set up a Multicloud Strategy Workshop. Download the workshop data sheet for more details.

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