Guard Oracle and Other Mission-critical Workloads 

Managing and maintaining reliable database workloads is no easy feat for DBAs in these challenging times. Security and availability are the datasphere guardians for DBAs.

Guard Oracle and Other Mission-critical Workloads 

In the unprecedented economic climate of 2020, the role of database administrators (DBAs) has become even more crucial as key responsibilities are becoming increasingly more challenging and unpredictable. With uncertainty continuing to loom for the months ahead, managing and maintaining reliable database workloads continues to remain the highest priority for DBAs, not only in Asia Pacific but also around the globe.

Certainty boils down to two key attributes within any database-workload environment: security and availability. They go hand in hand and their importance cannot be understated. After all, if your online data isn’t available all the time, it’s not truly protected.

Together, security and availability have become the datasphere guardians for DBAs as they continue to persevere and manage database-workload applications during this challenging time. For this reason, these two datasphere guardians are critical factors when choosing the right storage solution for your database workloads.

Protecting Your Database Workload against the Unexpected

Not surprisingly, the current economic climate lends itself to a rise in cybercrime. A recent CrowdStrike State of Security Report shows a 330% increase in e-crime activity across Asia Pacific and Japan since the start of the year compared to 2019. In addition to cybersecurity considerations, it’s important to look into how you store data. The best storage solutions offer always-on encryption, which means data is encrypted as it enters the array, encrypted at rest, and decrypted as it leaves.

Data-at-rest AES-256 encryption is at the core of all Pure Storage® solutions to provide the highest-security standards. It’s built-in, always-on, and always in-line. Plus, it has no performance impact, no administrative overhead, and requires no additional licenses or fees. What’s more, if you’re deploying Oracle solutions for your database workloads, you can encrypt database files through Pure Storage solutions for complete data-at-rest protection to provide peace of mind and complete certainty.

Keeping data safe is just one part of protecting against the unexpected. Guarding against data loss is another key element to successful database-workload management. In an unpredictable world, you need to be covered 24x7x365. Best-in-class solutions provide protection by design, with an architecture that provides protection and recovery from the moment it’s plugged in. To keep data loss at zero, Pure Storage systems have a unique RAID-HA system that provides flash-optimised data-loss protection by preventing the disappearance of data when entering the storage system. In addition, Pure SafeMode Snapshots keep your data backed up and immutable to ransomware every time, without impacting the source-storage volumes. You can rest assured that you’re getting the most out of your storage solution.

Maintaining Availability to Capitalise on Opportunities

Mission-critical databases are the backbone of businesses in almost any industry, which is why ensuring data availability continues to be of paramount importance. Throughout 2020, we’ve seen countless examples of businesses suffering lost revenue due to the lack of availability of storage solutions to power their database workloads. No DBA wants or needs this exposure. Oracle DBAs must rely upon storage solutions that can ensure availability of database workloads at all times.

Pure Storage provides proven and measured six-nines availability with FlashArray™—including time for maintenance, failures, and generational upgrades. It doesn’t get much more certain than that. Database workloads running on Oracle are always available, always performing, and always protected, without data loss. And Pure shields database workloads from unprecedented downtime, keeping them powered through the datasphere with simple to deploy, zero RTO and RPO replication via Purity ActiveCluster™ to deliver worry-free business continuity.

From database design, capacity planning, performance tuning, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting, the pain points of your role can be numerous. But when we boil it down, we find ourselves trusting in five datasphere guardians to support the healthy lifeline of database workloads: security, performance, availability, manageability, and of course, storage. Each plays a strategic role in lightening the load, giving you vital time back to focus on strategic initiatives that are crucial to business continuity in this unprecedented economic climate.

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