It’s no wonder Oracle continues to claim the title as the reigning royalty of relational databases. With structured data continuing to grow at about 25% per year, Oracle databases sit atop the list for database popularity according to  And the database juggernaut keeps adding new features to improve resiliency, security, performance, and automation.  Meeting Oracle database challenges

Despite these advances, the strategic importance of IT continues to raise the stakes for Oracle database administrators who are asked to “wear more hats” and take on broader responsibilities. Even more challenging are the persistent shackles of legacy challenges that limit their ability to keep world-class databases humming along. When databases aren’t delivering peak performance — or worse yet, when they’re offline — the end users suffer. Their success — and DBAs’ success — demands a consistent, rapid supply of data.

Meeting Oracle Database Challenges

While there are myriad ways to tune the database at the software layer, the source of the problem often lies deeper. In many cases, the source of the biggest problem is the storage system serving and managing the data. So, what are the top challenges that we hear from enterprises looking to improve running Oracle?

  • “We have a large ongoing investment to own and operate Oracle. It’s generally expensive to run. How can you help us?”
  • “It takes too long for us to deliver copies and clones to development. That slows the ability to add new features or fix bugs. What can Pure Storage® do to address that?”
  • “We’re still spending too many cycles on tuning and maintenance. Upgrades to storage require us to take an outage. Can you help us with something easier and more stable?”

We have helpful answers to these questions.

For more than a decade, our focus has been delivering a highly available, non-disruptive, data-reducing all-flash storage array that goes beyond features and synthetic performance metrics. Storage that provides business outcomes to help you move forward with success and velocity. That’s at the heart of the modern data experience. 

We believe in solutions that are engineered for speed. We believe in building experiences where simple is smart. To do it, we help Oracle users spend more time innovating — and less time managing storage and reducing errors that cause downtime and lower performance. 

To support changing business needs, we deliver cloud-connected options to seamlessly move Oracle workloads to and from clouds. And our products are always modern, which eliminates the risk of buying a system that is immediately out of date. Our Evergreen™ architecture powers non-disruptive upgrades supporting long-term compatibility, IT agility, and peace of mind that will keep your mission-critical Oracle workloads running, uninterrupted. 

The Analysts Agree

IDC recently published research evaluating and validating the impacts of Pure Storage on Oracle users. Here are just a few of the key highlights from that report:

  • 73% reduction in TCO over a period of five years 
  • Only four months to payback on the initial storage investment
  • Four times more staff time open to spend on innovation-related activities
  • 85% faster Oracle database-query speed

One of the most eye-opening customer responses is as follows:

“For our DBAs that handle backups and recovery — if we needed to recover and create a clone, it used to take hours. Now it’s minutes. With the time saved, I’m not cutting down my DBA staff but I’m using the remaining time to do innovative things like automation in the database world. For example, they can work on effective code reviews for our application people.”

Cost reduction. Simplifying operations. Speeding up development. Truly freeing time for innovation. These are things we hear every day from Oracle users as well as customers using other leading relational and open source databases.