Sean Schneyer assisted in the creation of this post. Sean is a Global Systems Engineer at Pure in the Enterprise Service Provider sales organization supporting a Tier 1 Telecommunications Service Provider account. Mr. Schneyer has over 21 years of Telecommunications experience, including working with industry solutions such as IoT, media & entertainment, healthcare, and automotive.

As 5G rollouts gain speed, rapid service deployment and time to market are critical for telecom carriers. Subscriber retention and growth depend on it.

Many new offerings center on the edge of the network. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) will all play a part. Rapid insights from edge data will be the driving force of innovation in these areas.

Many carriers still carry battle scars from the 4G rollout. They had to make heavy CAPEX investments but generally saw flat economic growth in return. This time, the industry is looking for a better, smarter approach.

And while much of the 5G buzz will center around the edge, the impact will be felt everywhere, from edge to core to cloud. Effective solutions will need to span the end-to-end 5G architecture. And that’s where Pure’s Modern Data Experience comes in.

At Pure Storage®, we’re building solutions that support the entire end-to-end 5G architecture and value chain. We understand the unique storage challenges created across each 5G pillar. And we address these challenges with a continually evolving suite of software and hardware solutions.

We also understand that storage solutions must deliver internal efficiencies while providing value-add for end-customer solutions. Our solutions are easy to manage and scale. They support your business with consumption-based options¹ so you can deliver the best user experience.

Consider this: Eleven of the top 15 leading global telecoms use Pure technology. As do 15 of the top 20. Telecoms leverage Pure solutions to support multiple use cases. For example:

  • Pure FlashArray™ provides an ideal platform for database workloads. With FlashArray//X, Singapore-based carrier M1 improved database response time by 50% and operating efficiencies by 30%.
  • Pure FlashBlade® is a multipurpose, unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage platform. Service providers can use FlashBlade for everything from software development and high-speed analytics to data protection and rapid recovery.
  • Service providers running Kubernetes depend on Portworx®, the most complete Kubernetes data-services platform. T-Mobile uses Portworx as an application-development platform. And other service providers use PX-Backup and PX-DR for backup and disaster recovery.

These examples just scratch the surface of what Pure can deliver for telecom and 5G infrastructure. Consider the specific components of edge to core to cloud and the service-provider perspective of Kubernetes and containers. Opportunities are everywhere.

Continue the 5G Journey with an Exploration of the Network Edge.

  1. OPEX treatment is subject to customer’s auditor review.