Customer experience has infiltrated virtually every aspect of the modern economy. We have on-demand expectations from everyone—retailers, vendors, restaurants, apps…

From the beginning, Pure Storage® has been driven by customer experience and a customer-first approach. And our Net Promoter Score, which is in the top 1% of B2B organizations, shows it.

Keeping up with customer expectations requires an elastic approach to doing business. We have to stay adaptable, ears and eyes open, ready to meet evolving expectations proactively.

At Pure’s first Pure//Accelerate® Digital event in June, we talked a lot about the Modern Data Experience™—a fundamental shift in our approach to storage, based on the evolved as-a-service models you’ve come to expect, enjoy using, and require.

Your business’s needs are continuously evolving. Whether you’re looking for flexible consumption models, automation that helps streamline operations, ways to reduce costs and speed up time to innovation, the pace of change is rapid. And the current environment has created a sudden and urgent need for remote capabilities and critical services that must stay up and running without missing a beat. Under these conditions, many organizations are facing new challenges by the day, hour, and minute. Pure Storage offers remote installation services

To help you address these challenges and respond quickly to your business’s needs, Pure now offers remote installation service. Pure Storage Professional Services team will help you get your Pure Storage systems up and running remotely. Once your on-site personnel has installed the hardware (IT certifications aren’t required), we’ll take care of the rest via a remote connection. We’ve successfully completed more than 160 remote installations since introducing this service earlier this year.

Anchored by our Evaluate, Activate, and Innovate framework, we’re continuing to expand our Professional Services offerings to help you quickly reach your business outcomes, especially during these unexpected and unprecedented times. Aimed to meet you wherever you are in your technology strategy and lifecycle, we’re building a robust set of services to help arm you with what you need to accomplish your business imperatives.

Strategic workshops can help you evaluate Pure technology and find ways to maximize your IT investment. You’ll be able to:

  • Build business cases with detailed ROI.
  • Discover automation services that can help you innovate across your business.
  • Learn more about data movement and migration to activate Pure technology in your environment.

Our team has the latest expertise and certifications for VMware, AWS, Azure, and GCP to ensure delivery excellence. We also have a deep and robust network of carefully selected delivery partners to help you with Splunk, MongoDB, Vertica, Epic, Oracle, and SAP.

Change is ever-present. And keeping pace with it on the technology front requires a continuous state of designing and planning for the deployment of new services, transitioning to new services, and optimizing the operation of your existing services. Let Pure’s Professional Services experts help make your journey seamless and stress-free.

Call us now at 800-379-7873 to get started.