If you’ve seen our social media feeds lately (if you haven’t, follow us here or on Twitter @purehealthcare), you know we are proud and thrilled about a recent change to Epic’s Storage Product and Technology Status Guide. Pure Storage is now rated High Comfort for use with all Epic applications! If you’re already using Epic on Pure, you know how great it is, but now it’s official! If you’re not already using Epic on Pure, read on …

The Storage Product and Technology Status Guide is the tool Epic provides its customers and prospects who are selecting infrastructure – with the goal of keeping their critical clinical apps running at top performance, and ensuring proper resilience in customer data centers. Epic customers also have benchmarks they need to achieve to be placed on Epic’s “honor roll,” and Epic offers its customers significant financial incentives to achieve this level of infrastructure excellence.

The Storage Product and Technology Status Guide presents options for configuration and assigns high, medium, low and experimental “comfort levels” for leading storage products that may be under consideration for adoption by customers. Epic defines its “comfort levels” by evaluating the customer’s long term success with the product, as well as a rigorous process of testing and measuring customer adoption and feedback. The product’s real-world operational benefits and ability to meet Epic’s application needs, as well as the vendor’s customer service organization are also taken into account. All of these things together help to determine where a technology company’s products will be recommended for use in Epic’s technology ecosystem, and at which comfort level. With over 60 customers now running Epic on Pure, Pure moved from medium to high comfort in the December 2017 edition of the guide!

Today, more than one-third of the top 25 largest U.S. healthcare systems are Pure customers. By the way, if you’re yet not running Epic, you should be aware that Pure is also certified or field tested with most other EHRs, as well as clinical, business, IT and analytics apps. For more information or to speak to someone about how we can help improve your datacenter performance while lowering your TCO, shoot us an email at Epic@PureStorage.com or visit us online at www.purestorage.com/healthcare.