It’s hard to argue that 2020 has redefined the importance of digital architecture for business resilience and agility. This is a year in which we’ve seen how quickly digital transformation can truly take place for enterprises in all industries. A recent global survey found that 97% of enterprise decision-makers admit to urgently speeding up their company’s digital-transformation efforts to keep pace with the globalization created by the current environment.

Although IT teams and database administrators (DBAs) are facing an urgent push for digital transformation, it’s critical to avoid a “quick-fix” approach. Speed is important but so is a solid storage strategy.

To future-proof storage infrastructure, a key consideration is moving legacy applications to a cloud-ready architecture. Set to become an integral part of the next phase of digital transformation, a cloud-ready strategy will power mission-critical workloads in 2021 and beyond.

So, why endorse a pivot to the cloud?

Manage Workloads Anytime, Anywhere

With remote work quickly becoming a norm to support business continuity, consider the importance of remote manageability and accessibility of mission-critical workloads when redefining your storage strategy. Hybrid-cloud solutions are ideal if you’re transitioning to digital, with workloads seamlessly enabled for on-premises and public-cloud accessibility. As a result, you can blast through data with a single-platform warehouse and share data across applications with a massively distributed transaction database, delivering a true scale-out architecture.

Pure Storage® provides the flexibility to host mission-critical workloads on public cloud or on-premises and effortlessly migrate workloads as needed to cloud-data services. By creating clones in the cloud for development or project-work activities, Pure enables DBAs to move environments seamlessly between on-prem environments and the cloud, making use of bi-directional data mobility. With Pure1® storage management software, monitor the entire storage footprint across clouds through a single pane of glass—from anywhere, anytime.

Pay-as-you-grow Model to Digital Expansion

Cost is always an important consideration for businesses, especially in times of uncertainty. As a result, storage-as-a-service (STaaS) models such as Pure as-a-Service™ provide the cost-efficiencies DBAs are looking for when tasked to do more with less. A pay-as-you-grow offering, Pure as-a-Service provides a unified hybrid-cloud solution in a single subscription. The subscription is a utility through which you pay only for what you use, eliminating the need to predict workload capacity and buy or lease storage years in advance.

Added Layers of Support for the Cloud

There’s more to the cloud than just storage. Using Pure1’s cloud-based predictive analytics, you can streamline performance and capacity-planning management and rest assured in the health of your mission-critical workloads. With this AI-driven support always underpinning Pure hybrid-cloud infrastructure, manual performance tuning is largely a thing of the past as the system self-manages its workloads.

To add to this self-driving-storage model, SafeMode snapshots allow you to migrate data volumes to and from the cloud and use them to build other workload environments. As a result, snapshot replication extends your data-protection capabilities to the cloud.

The shift to a cloud-based storage system is quickly becoming a reality for DBAs across the globe. You no longer need to compromise security and performance for availability and manageability. New models such as hybrid cloud enable you to have the best of all worlds to support workloads in one seamless system. Technology—and our demands on it—continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Having a storage strategy that supports mission-critical workloads is crucial.