Installing the fastest processors without considering the configuration as a whole, storage, memory, switch, etc. can lead to disappointing long-term results, when you need to scale. Testing configurations on your own can be costly and time consuming. Learn more about SQL Server Data Warehouse infrastructures.

Here at Pure Storage we strive for meaningful performance with a focus on optimization of resources not the usual industry chest pounding that highlights only a single benchmark score or metric.  Nobody wants their expensive processors waiting around for work, the FlashArray //m 20 with our Purity operating environment and solid-state flash storage work together eliminating storage as the bottleneck.


The SQL Server 2016 DWFT Data Warehouse Fast Track reference architecture design takes the guessing out of building your data warehouse infrastructure. These reference architectures are certified using bandwidth demanding workloads to meet query performance and scale requirements designated by the Microsoft SQL Server Performance team.

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Using the Cisco c240 M4 server for compute and Pure Storage FlashArray //m20 as a storage foundation is a winning combination that removes traditional bottlenecks resulting in a balanced solution for your data warehouse needs.

Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse Fast Track Certification