Subscription-based storage can help organizations lower upfront costs, benefit from continuous improvements, and seamlessly scale their storage infrastructure to meet evolving needs.


To remain competitive, businesses increasingly turn to IT to find innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs. One area where significant savings and flexibility can be realized is through subscription-based storage platforms. By embracing an “as-a-service” model, organizations can lower upfront costs, benefit from continuous improvements, and seamlessly scale their storage infrastructure to meet evolving needs.

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Lower Upfront Costs, Continuous Improvement

Pure Storage has a long history of providing as-a-service solutions for storage; in fact, the success of our subscription model has become a key growth driver for our business and for our customers. With our Evergreen® subscription portfolio, organizations can finally say goodbye to hefty upfront investments in hardware and software. Instead, they can leverage a subscription-based model for predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing. This not only lowers initial expenses but also provides access to the latest storage technologies without the need for costly upgrades. Moreover, these platforms are designed for continuous improvement and in-service upgrades, ensuring that businesses always have access to our most advanced features and capabilities. Whether it’s regular software releases or hardware upgrades, subscribers are assured that their storage infrastructure will remain cutting-edge and optimized for performance.

Scalability on Demand

One of the key benefits of Evergreen//One from Pure Storage is its inherent scalability.  Organizations can start with an initial storage investment supporting their current workloads and later grow their capacity as needed without any disruption to operations. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt to changing requirements without the risk of overprovisioning or underutilization. Furthermore, the ability to seamlessly migrate to the cloud with Pure Cloud Block Store provides added flexibility and agility. With minimal downtime and no data migration hassles, organizations can optimize the scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud storage while maintaining control over their data and infrastructure.

Guaranteed Performance, Enhanced Efficiency

By bringing cloud-like operations to on-premises storage, Pure Storage helps organizations enjoy the best of both worlds: the reliability and security of on-premises infrastructure with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. With our guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) for performance, capacity, availability, and security, businesses can avoid unforeseen expenses and ensure consistent quality of service. Additionally, the upgradability designed into Pure Storage’s consistent storage platform ensures longevity and future-proofing. With over 10,000 successful upgrades and 97% of Pure Storage arrays still in service after five years, organizations can always trust in the reliability and durability of their storage infrastructure.

Choice and Flexibility

Finally, Pure Storage offers unparalleled choice and flexibility in how organizations consume and deploy storage. Your storage acquisition model can be a subscription offer or a traditional CAPEX purchase. Your architecture can be on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid mix of the two. With Pure Storage, your business has the freedom to choose an option that best suits your needs and preferences.

Is an Evergreen Subscription Right for You? 

Subscription-based storage offers a compelling solution for organizations looking to optimize their storage infrastructure, reduce costs, and enhance flexibility. By leveraging  Evergreen’s as-a-service model, our customers have lowered their upfront expenses, benefited from continuous improvements, and scaled their storage capacity on demand.  

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