What is Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure? Quite simply, it’s a solution for organizations that want to get out of their data centers or repatriate from a public cloud provider. It provides them with a full stack, enterprise class option not previously available.

The choice is yours. You can build, manage, and host everything with your own DIY approach, which comes with massive cloud cost overruns, legacy technology challenges, and issues with implementation skill gaps. Or, you can take advantage of Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure.

You Asked. We Listened.

After talking with many organizations and analyst firms, we identified that market demand for data center managed services is being generated by organizations’ desire to reduce their own data center footprint while leveraging the economic benefits of new technologies, such as automation.

So, what do organizations want?

  • They want to move into the cloud but need more control over the environment.
  • They have applications that might not migrate, or they have compliance and security concerns that require a private or hybrid offering.
  • They’re asking for solutions that eliminate and unshackle them from the physical “stack” management.
  • They need solutions that allow for more flexible, scalable, “as-a-service” models for IT infrastructure.
  • They want to make a move that allows them to be flexible, reduce staff workloads through the automated deployment of IT infrastructure, and reassign experienced staff to focus on actions that allow the business to remain competitive and grow.
  • They want a move that is more sustainably responsible and adaptable to meet rapidly growing business demands.
  • They want a trusted, interconnected infrastructure and platform that lowers their operational costs, financial burden, and risk while allowing them to only pay for what they use.
  • They want better efficiency and the ability to make moves and decisions without the full burden of managing everything in their data center.
  • They want a model in which the procurement of hardware, software, deployment, support, optimization, and lifecycle management services are all handled by one third-party vendor under one contract.

What types of companies are looking for a solution like this? Here are a few examples:

  • Companies that are in the early phases of a cloud journey or that have been mandated to go to the cloud but have legacy workloads not suited for public-cloud deployment. There is solid value to move to a bare metal cloud. It allows them to operate existing applications that don’t natively transfer to the cloud easily. Examples include VMware, traditional relational databases, custom three-tier applications, legacy software packages, or advantageous software licensing agreements.
  • Companies that have large-scale data growth from logs, streaming analytics, data warehouses, sensor or machine-generated data will find the high-performance, near-edge Bare Metal as-a-Service powered by Pure offering appealing.
  • Companies that are predominantly in a public cloud but experiencing large cost overruns or poor performance from their data and storage. They can benefit from lower costs, higher performance, and hybrid-cloud data models where large volumes of data can be stored in a bare metal cloud but can access high-speed connectivity to public clouds if necessary.

Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure provides the ability to scale to meet business demands by:

  • Achieving a faster time to value through a turnkey infrastructure that is instantly available in key geographic metros—eliminating lengthy provisioning times and the burden of managing the underlying physical infrastructure and environmental complexity.
  • Reducing IT staff workloads through the automated deployment of IT infrastructure.
  • Delivering all-around enterprise-grade capabilities, best-in-class connectivity, and the ultimate storage platform built on Pure Storage® technologies, with end-to-end management capabilities, comprehensive data replication/DR protection options, uncompromised performance, and one of the best AI/ML-enabled data analytics platforms on the market.
  • Offering flexible technology infrastructure on demand.
  • Aligning technology costs directly with customer usage.
  • Allowing development teams to focus on product delivery and bringing new products to market.
  • Becoming more efficient through a cloud operating model without the trade-offs of the public cloud.

Sustainability and ESG

Pure Storage is working in conjunction with world-class partners to provide solutions that allow customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In addition, we’re choosing partners who are practicing what they preach in their actions and implementations around sustainability. Our partners are focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives to positively impact our world.

The value to our customers is that they’re going green while saving “green”—all through the efficiencies in our solutions. The solution simplifies the physical management of hardware with a disaggregated, single-tenanted storage layer and simple, on-demand procurement of network and compute, with the hosting, deployment, and support of all physical aspects included.

Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure lowers operational costs and risk while allowing for more flexible, scalable, as-a-service delivery of IT infrastructure where you only pay for what you use when you use it. It helps improve IT infrastructure performance and agility to react quickly to changing business needs while providing low latency, high-performance storage, network, and compute delivered at the edge of the cloud.

Remember—you have a choice…Don’t be forced to fit the cloud, make the cloud fit your business!

Learn more about Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure. Also, please reach out! We’d love to chat and answer any questions you might have. Contact us to talk to an expert or request a demo. And be sure to check out the  Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure solution brief.