Automation is no longer an option in the modern data world.

The Pure1® cloud-based management system opens up automation at the fleet level with its REST APIs. Pure1 acts as a database for all arrays in your fleet, which allows automation to occur across all the arrays and reduces the need for coordination across teams and geographies.

Automation can not only help make your IT teams more effective but also enable them to take time off to recharge and sharpen their saws without disrupting system processes. Pure Professional Services can help you automate tasks while ensuring your data systems running, available, and secure via a tried and true process, expertise, and tool kits.

When you’re ready to automate your data storage, give Pure Professional Services a call and see how we can help make you and your team even more effective and efficient… and your data storage saw even sharper.

Our blogs here discuss the importance of automation in the modern workplace, how it is utilized, and how you can start incorporating it into your day-to-day operations.

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Customers can use Pure1 to assess how to improve power efficiency by metering watts per unit of data on the array that can be read back. This works hand in hand with the energy efficiency SLA.
Taruna Gandhi
Product Marketing Leader