Pure Fusion

Pure Fusion™ delivers a new, nearly infinite, scale-out storage model that unifies arrays and optimizes storage pools on the fly. It brings the simplicity of the cloud operating model anywhere with on-demand consumption and back-end provisioning. Pure Fusion lets you provision, manage, and consume enterprise storage with the simple on-demand provisioning, effortless scale, and self-management of the cloud. The Pure Blog features articles and resources to help you transform storage from a traditional point solution to a fully automated, scalable, self-service cloud model. Pure Fusion brings software-defined storage to any Pure Storage® platform, marrying the best of enterprise storage with the on-demand, scalability of cloud.

Our experts and technical though leaders will help you make hardware invisible for simple provisioning and seamless automation through Storage-as-Code™. Enable developers and users to rapidly consume volumes, file systems, and advanced data services like replication through powerful APIs or simple GUIs, without waiting for back-end manual work.

Customers can use Pure1 to assess how to improve power efficiency by metering watts per unit of data on the array that can be read back. This works hand in hand with the energy efficiency SLA.
Taruna Gandhi
Product Marketing Leader