Why a Pure Branded Podcast?

Edison Research estimates that over 67 million individuals in the US listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. And that number grows much higher when you consider international consumption.  Podcasting for business marketing purposes can be thought of as a conversational way of achieving everything that writing a blog, an ebook, or sharing a video can do.

“People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is there and available. There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you otherwise don’t find. And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom — and that boom is only getting louder.”
– Miranda Katz, wired.com, January 2018

Listen and Follow Today – The Pure Report

With all that in mind, I’m excited to share the availability of Pure’s corporate-branded podcast program: The Pure Report.  Based on a terrific cross-functional partnership within Pure, we launched our first episodes back in late May and have continued to build a library of compelling episodes and content to provide our customers, prospects, and partners direct access to Pure Storage® thought leaders, technology experts, alliance partners, customer insights, and our latest product news.

To date, we have featured episodes on Business Applications Solutions (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP),  our FlashArray//X launch, Pure’s revolutionary Evergreen offering, and insight into the growing area of Analytics and the Pure FlashBlade and AIRI solutions.  Episodes continue to be published on a monthly basis and can be found on the major podcast distribution networks – iTunesStitcher, and Google Play.

We welcome your input on topic suggestions and possible speakers, and appreciate your interest.

We will continue to Bring the Orange every month with new updates, dynamic guests, fun banter, and (hopefully) engaging conversations.

“Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.”
– Satchel Paige