Recently, I experienced one of the craziest weeks of my professional career! I was fortunate to install 18 Pure Storage arrays in 1 week! Seeing how shocked our customers get when they see how truly simple Pure Storage is to install, manage, and configure is what makes working at Pure Storage amazing! The momentum here are Pure is unbelievable! We are transforming customer’s businesses, making them more competitive, and helping them drive more revenue!

Still running your business on disk? Well, imagine a completely new world with Pure Storage:

  • 30 minute installations including rack and stack!
  • No storage architecture discussions, solutions architect time, or RAID configurations ever!
  • Storage provisioning in minutes every time!
  • Real-time and historical performance and capacity analytics!
  • Configure local and remote replication with automation, retention, and trim in minutes.
  • No licensing for anything ever!
  • Non-disruptive everything and resiliency that is game changing!
  • Never migrate again!

……All at the price of disk……WOW!

We have amazing customers, awesome partners, and the best product on the planet….. AND did I mention we are hiring!!!! Reach out if you are interested.……..Life is short! Work somewhere awesome!

Stay flashy my friends……and get rid of disk today!


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