Recently 451 Research / TheInfoPro published the results of the TheInfoPro Wave 19 Storage Study that captures a wealth of insights on the IT state of the market. In this study, IT professionals like you made All Flash Arrays the number one ‘hottest’ technology for the 2nd year in a row, and Pure Storage as the “most exciting” and lead “in plan” All Flash Array vendor. The study signals the importance of flash to data center strategy, and the market preference to adopt All Flash Arrays from not just incumbent vendors, but those who offer the best product, customer experience, and ease of doing business.

Want to download a complimentary copy? You can do so here.

What makes the TheInfoPro Storage Study valuable is that it represents the real state of the market. The study is based on hundreds of interviews with IT Directors, Architects and Administrators like you who are driving the strategy and implementation of technology in data centers.

Key observations from TheInfoPro Wave 19 Storage Study:

1. All Flash Arrays are #1 on the Heat Index for the second year in a row. The Heat Index represents comparative user demand for a variety of technologies based on usage, planned spending, and current and future budgets. All Flash Arrays remaining at the top is indicative of how flash is transforming enterprise storage architectures and influencing IT investments. During the same period, flash in SAN/NAS Hybrid arrays and flash in servers dropped significantly down on the Heat Index.

All Flash Arrays #1 in Heat Index

2. All Flash Array production usage almost tripled in just one year [ click to tweet ]. Flash adoption is accelerating with 22% of enterprises now deploying All Flash Arrays in production implementations, and further 27% planning to implement in the next two years.

AFA adoption almost tripled in last year

3. Pure is recognized as the most exciting vendor (unseating the previous vendor who held the spot for a decade). This is a reflection of our continued focus on technology innovation, customer experience, and business model innovation. In 2015, Pure extended our strong software leadership by marrying it with innovation in hardware optimized for our software (see our recent FlashArray//m announcement), cloud-based management (read about Pure1), and further improving our customer-friendly business model (learn about Evergreen Storage).

Pure recognized as the most exciting vendor

4. Pure is the #1 All Flash Array “In Plan.” It’s one thing to enjoy brand awareness, but even more importantly Pure is the leading choice for near-term and long-term planned deployments.

Pure is #1 all flash array vendor for deployments in plan

5. All Flash Array implementations have moved to general usage for mixed workloads (and exceed the earlier niche adoption for a single application). In 2015, All Flash Array products must be capable of true tier1 mixed workload consolidation, delivering all flash performance without compromising efficiency (data reduction) or simplicity (no tuning), and while providing the resiliency that tier1 workloads require. Otherwise, the All Flash Array is just a point product.

All Flash Arrays are being deployed for mixed workloads

We are incredibly proud of and humbled by being recognized as the most exciting vendor! This success wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our customers and partners who selected Pure, and are now being recognized as heroes for helping to transform their businesses. Thanks to them for being a thought leader and being a part of this exciting journey with us.