Whether you work for an investment bank, a hedge fund, or an institutional investor, you are painfully aware of the speed of innovation these days. The barriers to entry are getting lower every year because of new business models, new ways of gathering capital, and new technologies. Clients have more options now and can quickly switch where they invest their money. Trading strategies seem to lose steam faster these days, as more traders implement similar models faster.

How can Financial Services Providers keep customers and maintain competitive edge?

Technology and technologists are critical to innovation. That’s why the leaders in financial services innovation connect their C-level executives directly to their technology staff and vendors. They expedite approvals and can change business processes to fully take advantage of new technologies.

Continuous innovation in all aspects of the business may be the answer: from quant analytics, to customer support, all the way to back-office processes.

We could say that Innovation = Code + Data.

At Pure Storage®, we look at innovation from both angles: how can we accelerate innovation by helping you build code faster and test it on more data?

Software developers use the agile methodology, which enables teams to work on smaller projects in parallel and iterate quickly through the cycles of development and test. They need an environment where they can spin up instances of databases or other applications in minutes, not hours or days. They need to test their code with current data, copied from the production databases, instead of using old or synthetic data. What if you could spin up a test database in minutes, or if you could provision persistent storage for your containers 60% faster? What if your quants could see 10x-20x improvement in processing power?

These numbers are examples from actual Pure customers who call our technology a “game changer.”

Once you have the new code, how can you get it into production faster? If your organization adopted DevOps, the goal is to optimize the interface between development and operations and to create a cycle of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

How can you achieve CI/CD if you need to wait for weeks for infrastructure to be provisioned? That’s why many groups use cloud sandboxes ,and that’s great if the data is born in the cloud. But there is loads of data that is still in private data centers and cannot be moved to the cloud because of regulations or sheer volume.

What if you could keep your developers on your private cloud, where they could have access to “everything-as-a-service” and all the data they need?

If you build your CI/CD pipelines on Pure’s flash arrays, there’s an added benefit that few people know about: Pure Service Orchestrator (PSO). It turns your Pure Storage appliances into a “fleet” that delivers a cloud-native“storage-as-a-service” experience for containers. PSO works with Kubernetes and Docker.

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