As you will see in Dietz’ blog (Record Breaking Growth in 2013 and How the CEO Lost His Hair) and several press releases, Pure celebrated a record breaking year of revenue growth, customer and partner success and dramatically expanded our Puritan family (APJ Update/EMEA Update).

We all recently came together for our annual Company and Sales Kick Off. In 25 years in tech, I have never been a part of an event with as much enthusiasm, momentum and raw emotion. This is one of the most talented groups of people that I have ever seen assembled, and to be a small part of it is both humbling and incredibly exciting.

Check out the highlights from our 2014 Annual Company Kick Off:

This team and our partner ecosystem, together with the transformational technology and business model that the Pure team is delivering, are a combination that had me pause at several moments throughout the week to appreciate the inflection point that our company, and our industry are now crossing over.


Our theme for 2014 is RIGHT NOW!

Given our rapid global expansion, opening more than 15 offices across 9 countries over the past year, it was the first time this group has been together in one place. The level of talent, the buzz, the customer and partner successes were simply amazing. We had a class of new hires that was absolutely jam packed. We introduced new executives who joined the team from great companies across the globe.

The highlight was having enthusiastic customers and partners from around the globe join us to discuss the speed of the transition to flash and how it has changed their businesses….the folks we had on stage have made the decision to move away from disk, including some that have deployed >1PB of flash. They shared their stories of transforming “beyond disk” to the Puritan team and enthusiastically outlined what it meant to their business, what it meant to them personally, and how we compared to the competition. There are some highlights in the montage from our annual kick off video above and again here.


And, depending upon how you look at it (highlight or lowlight!), Dietz and I paid up on our bet to the company, and shaved our heads.

Barber Shop 2

The best part of this craziness was that the Puritan Family used this as an opportunity to also raise a little money for others that deserve it, where Dietz, Coz and I challenged the first 10 Puritans willing to shave their heads in exchange for additional donations (personal donations from myself, Dietz, Coz and other Puritans) to Project Night Night. We instantly had over 35 hands raised in the air and as a result, we helped raise over $35K in about 20 minutes. This enabled Kendra Stitt Robins, and her organization, to deliver 1350 tote bags for homeless children who needed them, and enabled them to clear out their waiting list of deserving kids for the first time in 10 years! Way to go Puritans!!!

With >1,000 arrays shipped and hundreds of customers and hundreds of partners embracing the shift to the All Flash Enterprise with Pure, we are convinced that 2014 is the year for massive, mainstream adoption. It already started happening in 2012 and 2013 with early adopters, and today the only good reason why any CFO, CTO, CIO, or Storage, Database or Virtualization leader would ever knowingly purchase another 10K or 15K RPM HDD spindle is because they simply do not know that there is a far better alternative! Why would anyone commit their organization to another 3-4 years on that legacy platform, when they have the option for all flash at the same price, with better functionality, reliability and management?

Yes, there are some exceptions, as there are with anything, but it’s our belief that the vast majority of new “tier one” storage and any performance/IO intensive workloads should move to all flash, today! It’s up to us and our partner ecosystem to make sure the global market is aware that in 2014 there is a much better alternative, ready for prime time, RIGHT NOW!

Check out the chart below which outlines the impact Pure is having in one of the largest global insurance vendor’s production environments; the left side shows their multi-rack “high performance” disk-based storage system, next to only 10U of Pure on the right! We enabled them to increase the number of transactions 15 fold and help them virtualize the remaining 10% of their production workloads that were too difficult to virtualize without compromising critical performance.


Our mission is simple: To lead the transition from legacy mechanical disk to all flash, with a relentless focus on our customers and partners success. Below are just a few examples of the industries, and some specific companies, where Pure has been able to deliver massive business impact:

  • Web, High Tech, and Media businesses, including some of the largest social networks, online and traditional content distributors, online gaming properties, and photo sharing sites across the world (that many of us use every day) have dramatically expanded their all-flash infrastructure in 2013 because of the better customer experience and dramatically lower operating costs.
  • SaaS Companies like Paylocity, Lifescript, and PeopleFinders (to name just a few) are driving incremental revenue, enabling their businesses to scale while decreasing their data center footprint by up to 8X. Take a survey, do a background check, send a file, pay a check, buy advertising, or manage HR or benefits online lately? If so, chances are you have experienced Pure Storage.
  • State and Local Governments like the City of Davenport, Muskegon County, and Sacramento City Unified School District are meeting “green targets” by reducing their consumption of power and energy by as much as 85% while delivering better public services by enabling local IT teams to do much more with less. We’re making the storage so easy to manage that application, database and/or storage owners can set it up in less than an hour and run it themselves, without any need for professional services!
  • Retail/eCommerce businesses like one of the largest US clothing retailers, one of the largest consumer gaming retailers in the UK, one of the largest food chains in France, one of the largest convenience store operators globally, a top office supplies retailer in the US, and even 3 of the leading global coffee brands (who knew coffee and flash went so well together!!?!) saw tremendous benefit utilizing Pure during the peak times of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With our consistent sub-ms latency, even during peak loads, we help drive more transactions, more time on site and a more immersive end user experience from their mobile phones or the desktop!
  • Cloud service providers and ISPs have increasingly looked to differentiate their services by both offering higher-performance application hosting based on 100% flash, and reducing their cost of service delivery by optimizing rack space, power, and management costs from their business with all flash infrastructure. 2013 saw a wide range of deployments, from one of the largest US telecom and business hosting providers building a new application hosting platform on Pure, to leading regional international players in EMEA and APJ, such as Harbour IT in Australia build all-flash storage clouds to differentiate and compete with AWS.
  • Large Investment Banking, Hedge Fund, and Insurance companies tend to not like to have their names mentioned, but many of the biggest are now doing better trades, analyzing more data in the precious moments before the markets open, and are helping to consolidate data centers with Pure.
  • Healthcare has been an incredible vertical for Pure, with deployments ranging from >1PB, including installations at large pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare technology companies, down to relatively small but mission-critical deployments at local hospitals and care centers for EMR systems and VDI infrastructure. We have helped make doctors and nurses more productive in places like Riverview Hospital, ARcare, and Medical Center Health System, while ultimately delivering better patient care with more contextual data delivered in real time via iPads, and more accurate transaction processing throughout the insurance issuer, payer supply chain.
  • Manufacturers globally have also benefitted from 100% flash storage. Pure has achieved successful deployments in manufacturing ranging from one of the largest car manufacturers in Japan, a global semiconductor company and consumer electronics giants in Japan, Korea, and the US, steel manufacturers, and even some of the largest manufacturers of cheese, lasers, and maritime buoys in the US! No matter what you are making, all-flash storage can make your supply chain more efficient, analyze factory yield data in real-time, and deliver a leaner manufacturing operation.
  • High tech hardware and software development firms have also increasingly been powered by Pure in 2013, “Top 5” networking equipment, security, and software providers have helped make their 1,000s of developers more efficient by running build, regression, and test/dev environments on Pure. Our ZeroSnap snapshot technology, in particular, enables developers to take snaps as frequently as they would like, with no performance impact and little to no incremental space consumption in their storage environments! In a tech business – what is more important than the productivity of your people?
  • Leading universities, teaching hospitals, technical colleges, and even high schools are delivering a better education, enabling students to bring their own computing devices to class (BYOD), differentiating computer science labs, and providing remote e-learning, all with the speed and security to easily tap into the schools database and curriculum.
  • And that’s only a tour of some of our largest verticals. Energy: from $30B+ oil drillers, to cutting-edge alternative energy startups, to leaders in smart meters…energy uses Pure. Transportation: from leading online travel sites, to large logistics providers with 1,000s of trucks and warehouses, to maritime shipping giants…transportation uses Pure. Legal: from one of the largest law firms in the world making lawyers more efficient, to e-discovery services where search response time is key…legal uses Pure.

Perhaps the most exciting statistic I’ll share is that ~49% of our customers purchase additional systems within the first 100 days after their initial deployment… because it is so easy to migrate data, as our customer’s data grows and/or their business requires better performance, agility and/or lower TCO, customers move more and more workloads to Pure, quickly. This is probably the best indicator of the value our solutions are delivering to our customers and one of the top reasons legacy disk businesses don’t like us much ;-).

Our focus in 2014 will be on continuing to hire the very best people across all functions, to continue delivering the very best customer experience and to continue innovating the best all flash enterprise storage solutions in the business. Ultimately, our goal is to build the next great enterprise storage company…and have some fun along the way. Check this out for a glimpse into our crazy culture that we all contribute to and love….

If this sounds compelling, please come join us!

And, if this sounds too good to be true for your business, we encourage prospective customers and partners to do a Proof of Concept, or take advantage of our industry leading, Love Your Storage Guarantee! Zero obligation, zero strings attached, just give us a call!

Thanks again, for all your support and trust. We will do our very best to continue to help you solve problems and exceed your expectations in every interaction.

This was, as always at Pure, 100% a team effort.

2014 looks even brighter. The time to make a difference is RIGHT NOW.