And the award goes to …

Every day, we hear from customers how Pure Storage is helping them push the boundaries of what’s possible. To honor these groundbreaking customers, we have created the Accelerator Award. The award recognizes Pure customers whose business transformation is accelerating the adoption of new storage infrastructures and operating models in their respective industries.

The five companies receiving this year’s award are:

Cornerstone OnDemand for offering its clients faster access to critical applications, more frequent and timely reports, and industry-leading SLAs.

Cornerstone OnDemand is a cloud-based provider of talent-management services, including recruiting, on-boarding, learning and development, performance management, and workforce analytics. By combining Pure Storage with the AlwaysOn features of Microsoft SQL Server, the company has delivered a 40%+ improvement in application performance to customers. In addition, databases are updated more frequently, giving customers more timely information. And both capital and operating expenses related to storage have been dramatically reduced.

Recipient: Wesley North, Senior Director of Technology Operations

Lamar Advertising for rolling out revenue-enhancing next-generation digital displays, and accelerating the delivery of new applications to customers.

Lamar Advertising is the nation’s leading out-of-home advertising company and offers the largest network of digital billboards in the United States with over 2,600 displays. With Pure Storage installed, the company can support a much larger number of advanced, higher-revenue digital displays. In addition, Lamar can now generate critical reports for clients in minutes versus hours. And its software-development team can bring new applications to market much faster because storage availability is no longer an impediment.

Recipient: Peter Dunn, Director of Infrastructure

Paylocity … for improving human capital management at its clients by continually introducing productivity-enhancing features and accelerating the software-development process.

Paylocity is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of cloud-based payroll and human capital management. It helps clients manage their workforces more effectively by enhancing their human resource, payroll and finance capabilities. Pure has enabled Paylocity to shorten time-to-market for new features, enhance the quality of its releases, assure the performance and reliability of its SLAs, and achieve operational cost advantages. After experiencing the performance, reliability and ease of use of Pure storage FlashArrays, Paylocity was an early adopter of FlashBlade.

Recipient: Brian Boos, Senior IT Manager

for delivering the highest levels of secure application hosting while providing one of the industry’s most stringent SLAs to a steadily expanding customer base.

Secure-24 is an industry leader in IT operations, application hosting and managed cloud services to enterprises worldwide. It has standardized on Pure Storage, and every time a customer is moved onto Pure, performance improvements of 3x-10x have been realized. This has allowed Secure-24 to strengthen its SLAs, encouraging customers to confidently outsource additional workloads.

Recipient: Scott McIsaac, Chief Infrastructure Officer

Waitrose for speeding up a crucial demand-forecasting application that directly impacts the efficiency of its supply-chain and order-fulfillment processes.

Waitrose is a major supermarket chain in the UK with 346 stores, employing 60,000 employees. One of its most critical applications is for demand forecasting, using an SAS database. Since migrating this key app onto Pure Storage, performance improvements enable Waitrose to refine its inventory management and achieve a more consistent stream of revenue. In addition, using Pure has reduced the storage footprint in the data center by 75%.

Recipient: Aaron Denton, Infrastructure Development Manager

The Accelerator Award ceremony was held at the Pure//Accelerate 2017 conference June 12-14 in San Francisco.