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On the heels of our first participation to the KubeCon Seattle 2018 conference, we are very proud to announce that Pure Storage® has become a Silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (also known as the CNCF®) and has joined the ranks of many other tech industry leaders committed to cloud-native platforms, projects and technologies.

But you might wonder: why join the CNCF and what does Pure Storage hope to achieve by becoming a CNCF member?

First, we have acknowledged (and cheered!) the massive growth that cloud native technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes have enjoyed in recent years. Containerization is currently disrupting the IT world in much the same way virtualization did 15 years ago. We at Pure Storage firmly believe that cloud native technologies are here to stay and have the potential to create a market equal or even bigger than virtual machines. That belief has already translated into a strong commitment to support the containerization of stateful applications thanks to Pure Service Orchestrator™, a storage orchestrator for Kubernetes1, Docker Swarm and Mesosphere DC/OS that abstracts away the need to provision and manage the persistent volumes your stateful containers require.

Second, the promise that cloud native technologies are helping to fulfill fully aligns with our vision of the IT industry in 2019 and beyond. Whether they are startups or Global 2000 companies, a growing number of organizations recognize that they cannot rely on one single infrastructure platform in order to deliver ever more capable, scalable and intelligent digital services anywhere, anytime and from any device. They have realized that a hybrid cloud strategy is the best way to achieve their business objectives and provide delightful experiences to their users. To that end, they must allow applications to seamlessly flow and relocate from and to on-premises data centers, private, hosted, and public cloud environments, depending on their scalability, performance or regulatory requirements. We have already started to embrace this new hybrid and multi-cloud reality by announcing the beta Pure Storage Cloud Data Services™ in November 2018, including Cloud Block Store™ for Amazon Web Services.

Cloud native technologies have already proved that they can deliver unrivaled value when it comes to transparent application mobility without the need to change a single line of code, neither at the application nor at the infrastructure level. Joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation today will allow Pure Storage to be at the forefront of the cloud-native revolution by:

1) listening to the aspirations of the cloud native community,

2) representing the needs of our growing customer base, and

3) helping and contributing to the adoption of the growing ecosystem of open source projects the CNCF fosters with great success.

We look forward to being an active member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and its parent, the Linux Foundation!

  1. The generic term “Kubernetes” refers to upstream Kubernetes distributions as well as most Kubernetes commercial distributions such as Red Hat OpenShift, Pivotal Kubernetes Service (PKS), Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine (MKE) and others