It is with tremendous enthusiasm for Pure Storage that I announce that Charlie Giancarlo will succeed me as CEO, and I will be taking on the role as Chairman of Pure’s Board.

When I accepted the CEO role at Pure, I received some profoundly good advice: your job is to help ensure Pure builds a great team and builds a great board. As Reid Hoffman says, “recruit like your life depends upon it, because it does.” Together, we have accomplished that task extraordinarily well. However, in looking forward toward Pure’s future growth, I approached key members of the board and team a few months ago about beginning a leadership transition to find the best CEO to realize the next stage of our vision. We are confident that Charlie is that leader.

I first met Charlie several years ago, and was impressed then with his tenure at Cisco, where he went from helping lead a startup acquired by Cisco to overseeing 30,000 employees and more than $38 billion of product sales, while serving in various senior executive roles, including Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer. As we met frequently throughout this process, I became enthused about Charlie’s operating experience across Silver Lake Partners’ portfolio, including as Avaya’s Interim CEO, as well as on the boards of outstanding companies like Arista, Accenture and ServiceNow. I wholeheartedly believe Charlie will help us to continue to drive our growth and market leadership with the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and quality our customers and partners count on. But more than anything, I believe Charlie will be a great Puritan, both safeguarding and evolving the culture that has made this company so special. Our board of directors and executive team share my confidence that Charlie is the right choice to help scale Pure to the multi-billion dollar global leader in data infrastructure and solutions.

This is, without a doubt, the hardest decision I’ve made in my career. I love what we at Pure have built together. I love our team. I love the customers and partners that have joined us in our mission to empower organizations to get full value from their data. I remain just as convinced that we are poised to win one of, if not the biggest, available markets in technology. Most everything that I hoped would happen for Pure during my tenure has come to pass, thanks to the inspired talent and effort of Puritans worldwide. I have loved being a part of our extraordinary journey to date.

At the same time, looking at the next phase of the journey, I realized that the Company needs a CEO with the experience necessary to lead a multi-billion dollar, multi-product public company. My strengths lie in helping craft product and marketing strategy, in recruiting, in developing the culture, and in building customer and partner relationships. Going forward, in addition to all of the above, Pure needs a CEO that understands growth at scale, who brings stronger operating skills essential for unified execution, and who has greater experience with Wall Street, while at the same time fiercely guarding our unique entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Charlie is that leader, and my passing the baton is the right thing for Pure.

While I will be moving on from the CEO role, I look forward to continuing to be involved with the Company as Chairman, and pitching in everywhere I can, especially in the field with customers and partners. Charlie has my unequivocal support, and I will do all I can to help ensure his success.

As Charlie takes the helm, the Company is the envy of the industry – we have among the best teams in Silicon Valley; we are the sixth largest storage vendor in the world (that’s across all storage, not just all-flash storage); we are among the fastest growth stories in tech history; we are running circles around the declining mainframe and client/server-era storage we compete against; we are continuing to gain market share across our three growth segments: the data platform for cloud, data-driven applications like artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, as well as helping enterprises that are seeking to derive more value from their data. We have grown revenues more than 2.5 times since our IPO; we are on the cusp of profitability; and we have, by a wide margin, the happiest customers and partners. Pure is still in its early, early innings. The best days for the orange are still ahead.

To our customers and partners, thank you for entrusting your data with Pure. We will continue to do our utmost to lead the industry in technology innovation, business model innovation, as well as in quality to protect your investment and ensure your future success. To our investors, we are hugely grateful for what your support has enabled us to accomplish, and we are thrilled about our opportunity to build a profitable, global leader in the massive data storage market. And to the Puritans, I could not be more proud of what we have achieved together or more humbled to have been at the helm for seven extraordinary years. I am profoundly grateful for your help in making me a better CEO. The future is ours and we will continue to seize it.

Most of all, I could not be more excited about the road ahead for Pure.

Always a Puritan -Dietz