Pure Storage was invited to address the San Francisco Bay Area Large-Scale Production Engineering Meet Up last week. Somewhat ironic that the theme for the overall session was “Disks”, but we were talking about breaking the cost barrier for flash in order to replace disk for most all performance workloads (thereby relegating mechanical storage to streaming, archiving, and back-up).

Enclosed please find the slides we presented. Fun, wide ranging discussion thereafter about the challenges of deduplication on mechanical disk (discussed in this blog entry); the challenges with managing flash workloads over time—in another forum tech blogger Amy Engineer characterized us as the “flash whisperers” for our approach of treating flash drives so well that they very rarely fail or degrade; and the need for high-availability (HA) as well as for business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) via replication (both intra- and inter-storage array).

On Beyond Disk: Breaking the Flash Cost Barrier

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