Last week, Pure Storage CEO Scott Dietzen (@scott_dietzen) spoke to the Cube’s John Furrier and Wikibon’s David Vellante about why the transition from mechanical disk to flash memory is such a hot topic in the enterprise market. Hosted at the Strata Conference in Silicon Valley, the show was a sold-out epicenter of discussions around the future of data, including how to store it. Watch this 30-minute video here:

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Scott explains some important facts about flash memory, enterprise workloads and what shapes them, and finally what it takes to be successful in a start up environment:

  • Flash memory is better than HDD, especially on random IO, for performance, power
  • With inline deduplication, the economics can be brought inline with 15K RPM disks, or even lower than that
  • It is possible to overcome the limitations of flash with well-designed software
  • We can debate the size of the enterprise flash market, but we all agree it’s big, especially in the mainstream where Pure is focused
  • The importance of honing the repeatable sell
  • Startups make more mistakes by saying yes to customers than by saying no

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