This summer, we welcomed Matthieu Brignone as the head of channel and alliances for Pure in EMEA. Matthieu brings considerable leadership experience to this position and has made an immediate impact as we continue to grow our partner relationships in the region. EMEA is an important market for Pure Storage, so he has a crucial role in developing and nurturing partners as part of the Pure family.

I sat down with Matthieu to discuss his new role and give Puritans and partners an opportunity to get to know him a little bit better! Here’s a bit of our conversation.

What do you think is important to partners?

On the business front, partners are looking for proven solutions to address customer needs. If products and solutions are not rock solid, partners will face margin erosion that could put their business model and margins at risk. Customer experience is equally key here and the fact that Pure has a customer satisfaction score in the top one percent of B2B companies helps. By experience, all resellers are looking for a trustworthy relationship with the vendor. It does not mean that both sides are always in agreement, but both parties need to understand the mutual plans and goals. I strongly believe that such transparency with partners is the key foundation of any successful partnership.

What aspects do you find most important to a partner relationship?

As I said before – clear rules, GTM strategy, and business models are crucial. I would say that very often, this is even more important that margins in the short term. Partners need to know where the vendor stands. When you know the rules, you can adapt and succeed. Partners might not like all ideas and plans of vendors, however they all value honesty. The same obviously applies to customers and prospects.

What are your goals for Pure’s Channel business in EMEA over the next year?

Our current partners are already major contributors to Pure’s s success or they have the right profile to grow successfully with us. First, we are going to work on a set of new services around Pure solutions that will allow them to grow their business alongside Pure product sales. Second, we need to make sure that after a period of investment from Pure, we bring opportunities for them to grow and bring additional business.

What excites you about Pure Storage? Why did you decide to join Pure?

The people! Values like honesty and transparency, in combination with a unique level of energy and dynamism. Then, the technology and ability to do things differently, as Pure strongly encourages employees to think and act outside the box. It is quite refreshing in comparison with some very large companies where both product and commercial flexibility are long gone!

Lastly, tell us about your love of motorbikes…

I could talk about it forever!! Freedom is the first thought that comes to mind! I have been lucky enough to travel far lengths abroad on a few occasions, just on my own with my motorbike. The interaction you get with the local population is really special and unique wherever you are.