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Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 3.36.14 PMOne of the highlights of the upcoming Pure Storage Accelerate conference in San Francisco will be the keynote presentation by Liz Centoni, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Computing Systems Product Group at Cisco.  In her keynote, we’ll hear about how Cisco and Pure are working together to embrace the next generation of data center systems and the cloud.

A core aspect of the Cisco and Pure Storage relationship is our joint engineered solution called FlashStack.  With FlashStack, IT departments unlock the true value of Cisco UCS  – by pairing it with storage that embodies many of the same core design tenets that have made UCS so popular. FlashStack is simple and scalable to meet the requirements of the smallest to the largest enterprise. Pure API integration with Cisco UCS Director and CloudCenter enables a highly automated and orchestrated private and hybrid cloud solution, at typically 38% less cost than traditional infrastructure.

FlashStack is built both for traditional workloads (such as virtual servers, virtual desktops, large scale databases) and for the next generation of workloads.  It is flexible, consistent, and resilient which make it an awesome foundation for Big Data, Analytics, Internet-of-Things, Machine Learning, and a wide range of workloads.  And because it’s robust and highly available, you can consolidate multiple workloads onto a single FlashStack – reducing footprint, saving money, and dramatically cutting administration overhead.

Our customers and partners tell us the Cisco + Pure FlashStack formula is working – and the proof is in the growth and success of FlashStack.  FlashStack is among the fastest growing converged infrastructure offerings today.

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Check out the case study on Lifescript for more information on the values FlashStack brought to their business.

Stay tuned for some innovative architectures that incorporate FlashBlade into FlashStack.  Both FlashArray and FlashBlade together in FlashStack enables massive consolidation of tier 1, tier 2, test/dev, and big data and analytics at any scale and a no brainer for any enterprise. 

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Looking forward to seeing you at Accelerate!

Until next time, stay flashy my friends!