VMware has launched the beta for the next release of vSphere. This release includes support for virtual volumes (VVOLs), the generation of storage architecture for virtual infrastructures which will enable storage capabilities, both granular monitoring and management, on a per virtual machine basis. VVOLs will enable a number of operational and data management capabilities that are either absent from or very difficult with traditional VMFS datastores. This is the largest storage advancement since the introduction of shared datastores with VMFS version 2 in 2004.

While many have shared demos of their VVOLs implementation we have decided to save our preview for VMworld. As a part of Painting VMworld Orange we will preview our VVOL vision and implementation in a number or sessions, SocMe events and at the booth. When you begin building your schedule make sure to include STO3000-SPO – Flash Storage Best Practices and Technology Preview with Cody Hosterman and Ravi Venkat as they are going to cover a number of new capabilities and integrations which include VVOLs.

Just a reminder, the VMworld session builder opens Monday, July 14th.

My apologies, I know this post was a tease, but I felt it was better to share our plans than not.

The post appeared first on The Virtual Storage Guy.