Some of our customers who also own another vendor’s all-flash product, let’s call it product X, have recently reported to us that this vendor is pricing an upgrade to the first generation product nearly 70% more expensively, apparently in an attempt to encourage them to rebuy their capacity, relicense their software and upgrade to generation 2.

This entails not only disruption to their environment and, an expensive forklift upgrade, but also a risky data migration. Data is at the heart of every organization. Storage should not be that difficult. These customers are asking the question, “so why should it cost more to upgrade gen 1, than to buy a new gen 2?” Our answer at Pure is that moving from one generation to another should be built into the maintenance structure, enabled by both the architecture and the program!

One of the key advantages of Pure’s Evergreen™ Storage is that you can continuously modernize your all-flash array non disruptively, and at no additional cost. Our FlashArrays are literally engineered to stay Evergreen.

Our Evergreen subscription includes our Flat & Fair maintenance, which means you will never pay more for maintenance (and in some cases, pay less over time), and Free Every Three promise, which means our customers who keep their FlashArrays under maintenance, are entitled to the latest generation of controllers every three years.

For our early customers who started with our FA-300 and FA-400 series, they have had the opportunity to non-disruptively get modernized to our //M series of controllers for at no additional charge; and for many others, who started their journey with Pure with the //M series, they will qualify for an included upgrade to our //X controllers that bring end-to-end NVMe capabilities – all this with data in-place, no downtime, no performance loss, or data migration.

Learn more about our Evergreen storage and how your company can move to NVMe and never be held hostage for another upgrade, or call us for more information!