Digital information is widely considered to be one of the most valuable business resources in the world today. As more companies go digital, data continues to grow at a staggering rate. It’s fueling emerging workloads like modern data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

While nearly 9 of 10 executives believe that AI will provide a competitive edge for their organization, less than 39% have an AI strategy in place.* Therein lies a great business opportunity for you- our valued partners- to be trusted advisors to your customers and become first-movers in the modern data revolution.

Jump on Board Now… or Risk Being Left Behind

According to the 2017 Bank of America Merrill Lynch industry report, storage systems engineered for big data, AI and ML represent a TAM of USD 9 billion. That alone is a compelling reason to sell storage systems engineered for modern and emerging workloads. Invest in a practice around storage that is purpose-built for modern data analytics and you are likely to set yourself apart from your competition.

This entails training your sellers on leading strategic conversations with new buyers such as data architects or data engineers and lines of business owners. This is the time to influence IT decision makers who usually favor traditional storage but are now open to new vendors as they seek innovative data analytics solutions.

Let’s Build Solutions Together

We have the product that you can build on – FlashBlade. FlashBlade is the industry’s only scale-out storage purpose-built for AI and modern analytics. AI is driven by massively parallel technologies like neural networks and GPUs. Unlike legacy systems solutions burdened with serial bottlenecks, FlashBlade is engineered from the ground-up with a massively parallel architecture. It delivers unprecedented performance to reduce time to solution from days to hours. In fact, we issued a press release today about the unique business and human outcomes FlashBlade is driving.

One such outcome involves Zenuity, a joint venture between Volvo and Autoliv. This customer develops software for autonomous driving and driver assistance systems. CGit, the partner in the deal, created a solution with FlashBlade and NVIDIA’s DGX-1 artificial-intelligence supercomputer as the foundation of their deep learning/machine learning project.

CGit believes AI and machine learning is the next digital revolution and that FlashBlade is well positioned in this market. Christian Gustavsson, co-founder of CGit, said,

“We were able to build trust and the products just worked! I think that a major reason why we got the trust was that our solution initially included the best components on the market for AI and deep learning, and that we held on to that solution throughout the process”.**

We’re Here to Help

We have recently introduced an end to end go-to-market campaign to support your modern data analytics sales enablement, marketing and demand generation needs. And as a 100% channel company our partner program and incentives are built to make you profitable.

We want you to be successful and a trusted advisor in this bold new world where data (and customer!) is king. Learn more on our Pure Partner Portal and reach out to your Pure sales and marketing counterparts today.

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