Where data is concerned, what matters is not the data itself. What matters is what you do with that data and how you manage it. Data is meaningless if it is sitting idle and unanalyzed. All it is doing for your enterprise if it is idle and unanalyzed is costing you money.

What you do with data is dependent on your data strategy. Your ability to effectively execute that strategy is further dependent on the tools and infrastructure you use to manage and analyze that data. If you are like many enterprises, you are probably using Oracle® Database as your data-management system. Oracle Database is, after all, the most popular database in use according to the DB-Engines ranking for July 2017.1 Oracle Database and the data it uses though are only as good as the infrastructure it all runs on, including any added, external data-storage solutions.

Lets examine external data-storage solutions as a complement to empowering you to make the data you’re managing with Oracle Database matter. The first decision is which solution you will choose. With all of the available data-storage solutions, how do you determine which is the right one for Oracle Database? Is the right solution hard-disk drives, one of the many different types of solid-state drives, internal direct-attached storage, network-attached storage, a storage area network, object storage, or the cloud? Your answer will largely depend on your aforementioned data strategy.

There are a few key questions you can ask about any storage solution though to determine if it meets your overall requirements, including:

  • Is it reliable and scalable?
  • Does it maximize performance, so your users can access it and use it quickly, preferably in real-time?
  • Is it efficient and cost-effective?
  • Is it easy for your administrators to manage?

Regardless of your data strategy, no one wants a storage solution for Oracle Database data where the answer to any of these questions is “no”? One solution set for which the answer to all of these questions is yes, especially compared to the other solutions, is a Pure Storage® solution. Here are some details on how Pure Storage checks all the “yes” boxes for these questions and why you should consider a Pure Storage® solution as the data repository for your Oracle Database, or for other application databases from SAP®, Microsoft®, and others.

 Pure Storage® All-Flash Solutions Are Reliable and Scalable

When you select a Pure Storage solution to run Oracle Database on, you know that your data will always be available, always be performing, and always be protected, because Pure Storage all-flash solutions provide six-nines availability.2 Pure Storage all-flash solutions also include Evergreen™ Storage to ensure you can always upgrade to the latest storage technology. Evergreen Storage is a subscription upgrade model that allows you to upgrade — both your hardware and software — as needed for a decade or more, so your storage is perpetually dense, efficient, and modern. You can upgrade at any time — even during business hours — without impacting performance in any way. You can also upgrade from one technology to another. For example, if Pure Storage introduces a new product with a new type of flash technology, you can upgrade without additional costs or inconveniences.

 Pure Storage All-Flash Solutions Maximize Oracle Database Performance

Pure Storage all-flash solutions deliver incredible performance, with sub-millisecond latency. Flash inherently eliminates the latency caused by hard-disk storage, enabling you to consolidate OLTP, OLAP, and data-warehouse workloads in parallel on a single platform. You can do that with far fewer all-flash arrays than hard-disk drives and reduce your physical storage needs while obtaining 5 to 10 times better performance than with a hard-disk drive.3

 Pure Storage All-Flash Solutions Are Efficient and Cost-Effective

Forrester produced a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study in April of 2017 that showed that the Evergreen Storage model saves enterprises 33 percent on capital expenditures (CapEx), maintenance, and support compared to other models.4 However, Pure Storage solutions further reduce power, cooling, and space costs using data reduction of three to five times for conventional Oracle data types and two times more reduction than all flash-solutions from other vendors. Add reduced power, cooling, and space costs to that 33 percent, and total savings can reach up to 50 percent.5

 Pure Storage All-Flash Solutions Are Easy to Manage

On top of strong performance, scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, Pure Storage solutions are easy to manage. They are also simple to install, with most deployments taking hours compared to days for many other flash solutions. Pure Storage doesn’t even need to offer a manual. All you need is the business-card-sized getting started guide.

After your Pure Storage solution is installed, using it is just as easy. Snapshots let you automate the copy, clone, and refresh processes to reduce the time you spend copying and cloning by up to 90 percent. And you can manage and monitor your Pure Storage solution in the cloud-centered Pure1® management and support platform from the office or your smartphone.

 More Reasons to Select Pure Storage Solutions

There are many other reasons why Pure Storage all-flash arrays are a great storage solution for your Oracle Database and to help you make your data matter. Because I can’t fit them all into a single blog post, our product team put together an online guide with more details. You can find that piece, “The Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Pure Storage All-Flash Solution for Oracle Database and Analytics Deployments,” by clicking the link. You can also learn more about using Pure Storage to power Oracle databases on the Pure Storage website.

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