Data is a key asset for any organization. The businesses that will succeed and remain competitive are those that can make the best use of their data. But where should it be stored and how should it be accessed?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Every organization is different, their business goals vary, and these needs and priorities are subject to constant change. One thing remains constant though, no company should have to make a compromise or be hampered by technology limitations. This is where we come in; Pure is here to help customers every step of the way when it comes to making the most of their data.

“Unlike other systems, there’s no pain or time involved with moving data around.”

Our CMO, Robson Grieve recently caught up with Compare the Cloud in London, to talk through the true business value of data and how Pure bridges the gap for customers in ways that make us stand out from the rest – with non-disruptive upgrades and by innovating as quickly as possible.

“We are approaching this hybrid-cloud development because we have seen companies facing this cloud decision…trying to figure out what workload works best on which scenario at what time.” 

We’re building towards helping customers to make the storage destination really invisible to the developer, to make it a really reliable resource that they can use, and then make the best decision into where to put it.”

The full video interview is available below – check it out!

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