Users of storage today are getting less and less usable capacity from their storage arrays. The fact is, without intelligent software such as in-line deduplication and compression, you are always going to get less than 100% usable capacity. Below is a typical traditional storage solution’s usable capacity breakdown. Not only is it super complex to calculate, but the result is less than 100%. Between dedicated hot spares, RAID, snap space, and other system overhead, you most often end up below 70% usable.

People these days should expect higher levels of intelligence in their arrays that result in greater than 100% usable to raw ratios. At Pure Storage, not only did we create a storage solution from the ground up based on flash, but we incorporated inline dedupe, compression, pattern removal, and even data at rest encryption. The results are usable ranges well above 200%, sometimes in the 400%+ range.

Do you like Pie? I love pie so to put things in Pie terms, I created a pie chart to detail the differences.

If I went to the store and bought a pie and only received 70% of a pie, I would never shop at that store again. No data reduction = less pie. 70% of a pie is just not enough pie. On the other hand if I got 4 and 1/2 pies when I bought 1 pie, I would be super happy! That’s a ton of pie!

Intelligence + data reduction = MORE PIE! Maybe you are just used to getting less pie, but Pure Storage believes you should get more pie (more usable capacity compared to raw). Make sense? If so, maybe you should trade up disk with Pure and enjoy the good life? Just saying….. 🙂

See you soon

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