Pure’s Evergreen™ Storage just keeps on winning for Pure customers, and the experts have taken notice. Our Evergreen model has consistently been cited by industry analysts and experts as a key differentiator for Pure Storage — one that drives customer value and that has changed the storage landscape as competitors scramble to emulate parts of what Evergreen has to offer customers.

The innovation and value that Evergreen delivers to customers is a significant contributor to Pure’s recognition as a leader in various expert surveys of the storage market. These include Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays, where Pure Storage was named a leader for the fifth year in a row. And IDC’s 2017 MarketScape report for Worldwide All-Flash Arrays showed Pure as the highest rated vendor in the report. According to IDC: “Pure Storage’s strategies in NVMe, cloud-based predictive analytics, CX (customer experience), and technology refresh (with the Evergreen Storage program) made the difference for the company.”

Evergreen’s leadership was summed up recently by a JPMorgan research paper. In it, the analysts called out the benefits to customers that Evergreen Storage’s non-disruptive upgrades provide to customers.

“…[Pure Storage] offers a lifetime value proposition for customers through its Evergreen Storage program… More importantly, the upgrades are seamless and non-disruptive, i.e. the upgrades don’t impact data availability or performance. The architecture of Pure’s solution enables customers to do the upgrades without any data migration. We think the non-disruptive nature of the upgrades is a clear competitive advantage for Pure Storage.”

-J.P.Morgan North America Equity Research, 27 July 2018

This market leadership is reflected in both in Pure’s phenomenal growth, and in our customer loyalty scores. In our last fiscal year, Pure passed $1B in revenue, and recorded a profitable Q4 (non-GAAP). Pure is the first independent storage company to reach the $1B plateau in almost two decades. And Pure’s Satmetrix-audited NPS of 83.7 is far and above any competitors and even the IT industry average.

Even More Accolades for Evergreen

And most recently, Pure’s Evergreen Storage program was named a Market Leader by IT Brand Pulse in the new category of Ageless Storage. In addition to being named the Market Leader, Pure was rated #1 by storage and other IT professionals on Performance, Reliability and Innovation. In addition to the award for Evergreen, Pure’s FlashArray was also recognized in the categories of All Flash FC (Fiber Channel) Arrays and All Flash NVMe-oF storage at the recent Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA.

These awards are unique — the winners are selected by IT professionals all over the world rather than by a panel of industry-experts, in surveys that are part of independent, non-sponsored research. The surveys are designed to measure the pulse of brand leadership in specific product categories. Within each product category, respondents choose the overall market leader, as well as the leader in price, performance, reliability, service and support, and innovation.

At Pure, we are committed to helping our customers build a better world with data, and being recognized by voters in these IT Brand Pulse surveys means that customers recognize the value that Pure’s Evergreen Storage provides. And it’s no wonder, when one considers just how much Evergreen has changed customers’ expectations of their storage vendors. From non-disruptive, data-in-place upgrades, with no planned downtime or performance penalties, even across generations (Engineered to be Evergreen); to controller upgrades every three years included with your Evergreen subscription (Free Every Three); to trade-in-credit controller upgrades anytime (Upgrade Flex); to avoiding re-buy of TBs you already own (Capacity Consolidation); to all-inclusive array software, even on future releases; to a premium support experience included with every subscription (White Glove support), to so much more — Evergreen delivers unparalleled customer value, convenience, investment protection, and above all, flexibility.

Customers Recognize Evergreen Value

The City of St. Petersburg, Florida was an early adopter of virtualization and web-based applications, so as to serve their citizens better and at less cost. This local government saw Evergreen as a major differentiator for Pure Storage. Since budgets can be very tight in the public sector, investment protection and getting maximum value out of every dollar spent is crucial. David McLean, Computer Operations Manager for the city, recognized that the Evergreen Storage program guarantees them ongoing upgrades to the latest technology, while preserving their previous investment.

“We had always followed the traditional model of doing forklift upgrades every 4-5 years,” McLean said, “but that always causes you to choke at the end of the process, with negative ripples all the way down to end-users. With the Evergreen business model, you have non-disruptive refresh cycles built right in. That’s future-proofing with real value.”

(You can read the full City of St Petersburg case study here, and read about many more Pure customer experiences here.)

The City of St. Petersburg’s experience is a great example of Pure’s Evergreen Storage subscriptions delivering continuous improvements and innovations, to keep customers’ storage fresh and modern. Like SaaS, it just keeps getting better, without downtime or impacting performance. From acquiring to managing to upgrading your storage, it delivers Evergreen value and peace of mind. It’s a subscription to innovation, in a customer’s own data center.

Engineered to be Evergreen

What really separates Evergreen Storage from legacy storage vendor copycat programs is the remarkable engineering that stands behind it. That’s what we mean when we say Pure Storage is Engineered to be Evergreen. Pure designs its arrays to enable fully modular, non-disruptive upgrades — even including components that other vendors cannot upgrade, like the backplane. This design makes technology refresh simple, easy, and low-risk – even across generations. Such FlashArray upgrades do not even require planned downtime, whether for software or hardware. This design offers independent performance and capacity upgrades, allows flash device geometries to be mixed in the same system for maximum configuration flexibility, and supports simple in-place data migration during capacity consolidation operations.

Even More Choice with Evergreen Storage Service (ES2)

Finally, with Pure’s Evergreen Storage Service (ES2), customers have even more choice of how they want to consume their storage — via regular CAPEX purchases with Evergreen upgrades, and now, on-demand via Evergreen Storage Service (ES2). Regardless of storage requirements, customers can rest assured that they won’t run out of capacity. They can scale as-needed without having to forecast their storage needs or purchase new storage assets. Better yet, their storage is “elastic” so they can increase, or reduce their storage usage and only pay for what they use.

Additionally, with Evergreen Storage Service storage resources won’t age! Since it is a “service”, the underlying architecture is owned and managed by Pure Storage and is continually upgraded to ensure you are running on state-of-the-art technologies. In this way, ES2 is really the ultimate expression of the Evergreen philosophy, and takes the Ageless Storage concept that IT Brand Pulse is now tracking to a whole new level.

We want to thank IT Brand Pulse and the IT professionals they surveyed for recognizing Evergreen’s market leadership. This is yet another honor for the unique combination of engineering design and innovative business model that Evergreen Storage represents.

Make Your Storage Evergreen

Want more information on Pure’s Evergreen Storage? Check out our Evergreen Storage pages on purestorage.com, and download the IDC white paper on Evergreen. Check out what other organizations like yours are doing with their own Pure storage products, and how they keep it Evergreen. And keep checking back on our blogs, as we keep the conversation going on Evergreen Storage, how it saves customers money, and how it delivers the flexibility and agility needed for today’s IT organizations.