Flash memory is disrupting the storage industry at a pace much faster than many expected or even believe. On May 15th you have the opportunity to join IT leaders and industry analysts as they share their experiences with deploying flash in their environments and discuss their predictions on how flash will shape the storage industry in just a few short years.

The Flash Visionaries Summit 2014 is an interactive online event. You’ll be able to submit questions and get a sneak peek at the next generation of product releases from Pure Storage. Why wait, register now!

The Flash Visionaries Summit with feature Mark Bowker, Sr. Analyst at ESG, Simon Robinson, Vice President at 451 Research, and multiple IT leaders (to be announced soon).

Flash Visionaries Summit Agenda:

10:05am – Keynote Address
10:15am – IT Leaders Panel: How flash visionaries are leveraging flash for a competitive advantage
10:45am – Sneak Peek: Pure Storage’s Next Generation
10:55am – Analyst Panel: How flash, convergence, and software-defined will shape the future of storage
11:20am – The Business Implications of Flash

Industry visionaries are gaining a competitive advantage with flash today. Are you ready to learn how? Register now.

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