The Structure Conference put on by GigaOm and friend Om Malik last week in San Francisco remains a great draw—it feels like the technology industry equivalent of a college reunion in getting to reconnect with colleagues from prior gigs. Pure got to share the stage with DataGravity CEO and former EqualLogic founder Paula Long, who’s deeply insightful on storage. Some teasers for our session (video can be found here), many themes of which will be no surprise to readers of this blog:

  • How will the mix of storage media (flash, disk, tape) evolve?
  • What impact has idiosyncrasies of storage media (flash, disk) have had on systems software?
  • What are the hurdles to flash adoption?
  • How flash makes for better general purpose storage?
  • Which workloads are optimal for flash? Which for mechanical disk?
  • Which industry’s are adopting flash?
  • What are the concerns with hybrids of flash and disk?
  • Is VDI for real?
  • And is M&A the ultimate goal for all storage start-ups?

Unfortunately, we never got around to the topic of software-defined storage, but you can expect to see more on that on this blog in the weeks ahead.  Please watch and enjoy!