Hi all,

It’s VMworld time again, and if you know Pure Storage, then you know that means two things:

1 – Demos, demos, demos…we’re again bringing racks and racks of hardware to VMworld to show you the FlashArray live and in the flash.  Come by and help us demonstrate resiliency – pull drives, pull cables, pull controllers…and watch it just keep on going.  We’re also going to show a whole host of new FlashArray features…but we won’t ruin that surprise 🙂

2 – Contest time!  We asked ourselves…what could be better than all-flash storage for under the cost of disk?  Well, of course, all-flash LEGO storage for under the cost of disk!  We are unveiling the world’s first all-LEGO flash storage array.  It doesn’t get quite the IOPS of a real FlashArray, it isn’t quite as resilient as a real FlashArray, and it turns out to be significantly harder to manage than a real FlashArray…but come on people, it’s an all-LEGO flash storage array!  Come by the Pure Storage booth to try your hand at guessing how many LEGO bricks it takes to build an all-flash array, and enter to win an iPhone 5 (whatever it is, whenever it ships, it can be yours!), or one of several Star Wars LEGO sets.  Geek Glory and bragging rights can be yours!

And if you can’t make it to VMworld, or want to pre-register your guess – you can do it here now.