I use Windows Live Writer as my blog editor. I self host WordPress.org on Windows Azure and appreciate the editing features and easy integration. Although I like Windows Live Writer I have issue with the “local only” thought of working on blogs. U use two different systems and it is nice to have a central location of draft posts so I can work on them from the office or remotely. Make the changes below in your environment to use a central location for Windows Live Writer.


  1. We are working with the Registry so make a backup!
  2. Open up the Registry Editor
    • Windows 7 –> Start –> Run –> regedit
    • Windows 8 –> Windows Key + R –> regedit
  3. Find HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows LiveWriter
  4. Right-click on the “Writer” folder and create a “New –> String Value
  5. Enter PostsDirectory as the new name
  6. Double-click on PostsDirectory to set the value
  7. Enter the new location that you would like to have the central location for your posts.
    • Note: I use Box so the folder I chose is within my Box directory therefore I will see it on any system I have sync’d with my Box account.
    • There will be two folders created under this new folder you reference:
      • Drafts
      • Recent Posts

Have fun blogging!