Welcome to the Pure Storage “Hello Possible” corner.  This marks another in an ongoing series of insightful conversations with innovative companies that are using Pure Storage to push the boundaries of what’s possible, today. Today, we are looking into cloud security. 

Pure Storage Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Martin, explores compelling use cases with customers around the world, across a wide range of industries. Here, you can discover how organizations are transforming business and IT environments to get to the next big thing – faster than ever.


Armor (www.armor.com) is the leader in active cyber defense for retail and e-commerce enterprises, healthcare organizations, payment leaders and financial institutions. Armor protects highly sensitive data for the most security-conscious companies in the world. The company has been a customer of Pure Storage since 2013.

I recently sat down with Bruce MacFadyen, Senior Vice President of Technology Alliances for Armor, to hear what Hello Possible means for the cybersecurity business.

JM: Bruce, security is more important than ever, and Armor is a leader in providing innovative, cloud-based solutions for protecting sensitive data. You’ve chosen to trust Pure Storage for Armor’s data-storage requirements. Why?

BM:  Many reasons, but the two most important are performance and reliability. To meet our customers’ expectations, our security services have to process significant volumes of data, virtually in real time.  That means we can’t have any latency issues or system downtime, because that could mean the difference between successfully blunting an attack and suffering a security incident with the potential for damage to a client’s organization. The stakes are very high in our business. With Pure, we’ve eliminated concerns about latency and system availability from our storage infrastructure.  And this directly impacts the effectiveness of our security solutions.

JM: As a cloud-based business, why is all-flash storage vital to Armor?

BM: To deliver the best managed security for our customers, we have to address the constantly evolving threat landscape on a daily basis. As a result, our IT infrastructure needs to function flawlessly, so we can focus the vast majority of our time keeping customers’ information safe – not troubleshooting performance problems with our systems. Since we moved to Pure, we have enhanced our ability to focus on our core mission of keeping threat actors at bay, because Pure’s array achieves the perfect balance between exceptionally high performance, resiliency, scalable capacity and management efficiency. This combination of capabilities built into a single storage platform is what sets Pure apart from its competitors.

JM: Armor is a rapidly growing business. How does the company’s explosive growth affect your storage requirements?

BM: Rapid growth affects us in two ways. First, we’re attracting more customers, which directly impacts our capacity needs. Second, our customers expect us to continually provide new and enhanced security services that deliver greater responsiveness and actionable intelligence to stay ahead of cyber threats. Our storage systems have to keep pace with these customer dynamics, which is why Pure’s ability to scale storage capacity incrementally, without forklift upgrades, is such a huge benefit to Armor.

JM: What is the impact of this growth on Armor’s costs?

BM: Like any business, we have to invest prudently to support our growth. Pure gives us the flexibility to expand our storage gradually – in lockstep with our unique requirements – without creating costly delays or interruptions in operations.

JM: How are the changes in your storage infrastructure affecting your customers?

BM: The most important thing is that we can keep conversations with customers focused on security.  When we had spinning-disk storage, we were vulnerable to performance degradations or even outright interruptions. That’s a non-starter for a cloud-based operation like ours. Now, we have significantly lower risk of customer downtime.

JM: And what does all-flash storage mean for your company?

BM: The bulletproof reliability of Pure flash arrays puts us in a position to offer exceptional performance to our customers, while spending little or no time worrying about our storage systems. Superior efficiency and ease of use save us considerable time, money and IT resources, which we put back into accelerating our growth, strengthening our security differentiation and protecting our customers.