Welcome back to the Pure Storage “Hello Possible” blog. This interview is part of an ongoing series of insightful conversations with innovative companies using Pure Storage to accelerate possible. Today, we are talking about Mercedes.

Pure Storage Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Martin, explores compelling use cases with customers around the world, across a wide range of industries. Here, you can discover how organizations are transforming business and IT environments to get to the next big thing – faster than ever.


The MERECEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team are the reigning FIA Formula One World Champions, with operations headquartered at two technology campuses in the UK. Here is what Pure Storage and Accelerating Possible means for their team.

JM: Matt, great to sit down with you today.  Let’s wind back a few months, and chat about how you started your journey with Pure Storage, how the team tested a range of storage platforms, and what made you choose Pure Storage?

MH: Well Jonathan, speed is king for racing and every fraction of a second counts. Milliseconds can mean the difference between winning and losing. So, when we were looking for a new storage platform, we knew it had to be fast, simple and reliable. This is why we chose Pure.

JM: Performance is clearly important for the cars, but how does technology performance affect the IT team?

MH: The IT team is also moving at top speed and can’t be slowed down by worrying about if the storage can keep up. We store race-critical applications on Pure. The data from these applications is used to make real-time improvements to make the car go faster.

JM: What were looking for when you were evaluating a storage platform and what was the ultimate deciding factor?

MH: Service availability and disruptions were becoming big issues for our team, so the simplicity of Pure was what sold the team on the technology because we don’t have staff dedicated to managing storage. The team wears many hats and manages the entire infrastructure. With Pure, the ease of install, having only 6 cables and the Evergreen Storage business model was the simplicity that the team needed. The team had the Pure Storage FlashArrays up and running within four hours. This used to take the team up to eight weeks!

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JM: Now that Pure is part of the infrastructure for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ team, how will our storage platform help the IT team improve and do more for your 2016 World Championship bid?

MH: We immediately saw a reduction in overall time for a key race related transaction by 35 percent. Our database processes are also now 95 percent faster. We were also able to move forward a project planned for 2017 with our critical machines due to the simplicity and cost savings we achieved with Pure. We now have the time to be proactive and are bringing new capabilities to the team that will improve car performance instead of focusing on system reliability.

JM: We hope our partnership helps the team on their quest to accelerate past the competition. Conquering the impossible is a common theme among Pure Storage and our customers. We will be rooting for you to win the FIA Formula One World Championship again in 2016!