It’s the season to count one’s blessings, and Pure Storage wants to express our deep and sincere gratitude to the several dozen companies that have been participating in our early access program (EAP). That early access footprint encompasses typical early tech adopters (tech companies, financial services, telecomm & cloud infrastructure providers) as well as a great mix of mainstream storage users (indicative of flash’s appeal being broad indeed).

Pure launched our EAP program almost two years ago now. The enduser and channel partner feedback we have received has been key to Pure Storage honing our product as well as our value proposition. For example, we got into flash storage thinking that performance would be our most essential advantage (10X faster both in latency and throughput), but learned from our EAP customers that the power savings were equally compelling (allowing an enduser to expand their storage footprint 10X on their existing power budget).

No doubt, EAP is a major investment for Pure Storage, but it’s arguably an even bigger investment for our customers and partners, who unlike us are not in the business of hardening storage products. So for all of the companies that have participated, our deep appreciation for the time and energy you have invested in helping Pure Storage to deliver a better product and to become a better company. And for those that have yet to join the party, 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for all-flash storage.

We wish all of our customers, partners, investors, employees and friends a Happy Holiday season and a prosperous and flashy 2012!