Just a few months ago, I was evaluating a number of exciting career opportunities. Pure wasn’t on my radar. I didn’t know a soul at Pure. I’ve heard of Pure but didn’t know Pure. Then Pure found me. I remember being almost uninterested in talking with Pure mainly because I was already far along in evaluating other opportunities. But I kept an open mind thinking that I could potentially position others who I know may be right for the role and for Pure.

So we talked. I talked with a lot of people at Pure in a short timeframe. I found myself drawn to the people–their belief in the business and the products that they’ve built, their passion for helping customers, and their commitment to bring in people with fresh thinking to grow the business. Plus, there was this near-cultish pride that they exude about their “we’re all in it together” culture and almost passive acknowledgement that they’re in it for more than just a job.

Oddly, I simultaneously felt annoyed and humbled. Annoyed because my analytical mind was thinking, “Get all the facts because it’s too good to be true.” Humbled because they wanted me to be a part of all that goodness when I was so different in many ways—networking background vs storage, based in Denver and not in the Bay Area, didn’t know anyone at Pure, etc. As it turns out, it was the true test that proved that all of that didn’t matter. They felt that I fit and have unique expertise that they valued.

Long story short, honestly, I made my decision to join Pure emotionally and validated it with a little bit of data and fact checking with my network. A big part of me still didn’t believe but so wanted to believe. I was largely a skeptic but optimistic. I was full of hope coming into Pure. Much more validation came after and this is what I learned.

Pure is far from perfect, just like any other company. We all have work to do to improve and things to learn. But it’s perfect for me. There are many things about Pure that are too good to be true (at face value). I started out a skeptic but am now a believer.

No Compromises

I’m in Marketing so I’ve heard this. In fact, I’ve created and said this. You know the old adage, “Of better, faster, cheaper, pick two.” Pure says pick all three and more. I thought everyone in the company was just drinking the orange Pure Koolaid.

I didn’t believe until customers and partners told me. But I learned that, just like me, they were also non-believers until they experienced Pure. They were saying that they got what they wanted but not what they expected. As customers, they’ve been conditioned to expect a certain level of experience and tradeoffs working with various vendors in the industry. Their expectation was far lower than what they need or want. But that changed with Pure.


  • It’s efficient. “I’ve replaced a competitor’s implementation the size of a school bus with one on Pure that’s the size of a microwave.”
  • And it’s faster. “What took us 38 hours to do can now be done in eight.”
  • And it’s simple. “This tent card (the size of a business card) has all that I need to do to get the device up and running.”
  • And it saves time and money. “It saves us 39.1 human hours per day!”
  • And it’s evergreen. “I love not having to think about upgrades and migrations ever again.”
  • And it just works. “This thing just keeps humming. I never have to worry about it.”
  • And it has great support. “I thought it couldn’t be that awesome. Then I managed AIRI (one of Pure’s products) and it is. I can’t say enough about Pure’s proactive support. It’s like having an extra admin on my team.”
  • And it’s fun (one of my favorites because it’s so unexpected). “Pure is really interesting from a design and implementation standpoint. Unboxing, installing and configuring, it doesn’t matter. Everything seems like it has had so much thought put into its design. I’ve never seen an appliance that was… fun to install.”

The power of and is at work. It’s not about or. How? Because the company had a bold vision. Pure executed and built products to ensure that customers don’t have to make compromises. Products were built from the ground up to do and’s. Pure doubled down on the vision. There were risks but it was right. The vision allowed the business to build without retrofitting to make tradeoffs along the way.

Changes Lives

Here are a couple of my favorites because it changed people’s businesses and personal lives. These customers openly shared their stories with me, a relative stranger to them.

 “Pure made my life simple. Once you’ve gone Pure, you’ll never go back.” Then, he proceeded to show me photos of his 3-year-old and 1-year-old boys (who just started walking) to reinforce that he’s now able to spend more time with them.

–      Sr. Systems Admin, Healthcare Company

“Our app package was 49th out of 51 in response time. After we installed Pure, we were 2nd or 3rd. The spinning wheel went away! Personally, I can spend more time hunting with my daughter and 78-year-old father. It’s just amazing!” He even showed me photos of alligator, deer, snakes, squirrel, frog, etc that they’ve hunted and cooked together.

–      IT Director, Government Agency

I laughed out loud in disbelief at one of our customer events because the customers seated around me were cheering, clapping, nodding their heads, and yelling, “I concur!” when one of our other customers on stage was sharing his journey with Pure. The experience rivaled what you might see at Sunday church with people shouting, “Hallelujah!” As my esteemed colleague, Prakash Darji, wrote in a LinkedIn article, our customers are truly fanatic.

Then, of course, there are the many public stories about how our customers are changing the world. They help find a cure for cancersurvive calamitieswin in sports, and so much more. When Pure says that it empowers innovators to build a better world with data, it means it. It is what inspires the company, from our engineers to our CEO. It’s more about what we make possible rather than just what we make. Here’s a snippet of what our CEO, Charlie Giancarlo, said in a recent interview with CNBC‘s Christine Tan.

Customers Turned Employees

My experience in working with our customers has been energizing and inspiring. It’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced in my 25+ year career in technology. But nothing could’ve prepared me for the biggest surprise in my short tenure at Pure.

In many parts of the business, particularly in the go-to-market teams, I have met many employees who were former customers of Pure. The company has former CIOs, IT and Engineering leaders, and technology architects of global financial institutions, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and high tech companies who have deployed and used Pure’s products and services. They rave about their experience with Pure, not just in using its products but in working with the people. These customers loved it so much that they decided to join the company. They believed in the vision and in what Pure is passionate about.

A number of them were retired but decided to come back to the workforce because of Pure, only for Pure. I’ve lost track of the number of people who have told me how much they love their job, that it’s more than just a job. In fact, several have said that it doesn’t feel like work because they enjoy it so much.

The people work and drive hard at Pure. But what I’ve noticed is that there are always grounding stories for why they do and it’s usually their families and something bigger than what’s in it for them. I’ve sat in enough meetings, seen enough presentations, and engaged in meaningful conversations where people say something to this effect, “I’m driven by two things… my family and what Pure stands for.” These people make sacrifices for a greater purpose.

The positivity and energy are contagious!

Now, you’d expect someone like me, in Marketing, to say these things about my own company. But for what it’s worth, as I’ve grown and progressed in my career, I’ve become passionate about making an impact on profits, people, and the planet. It’s not easy to find a company where this passion can come alive. But in my five months at Pure, despite my initial skepticism, I’m bullish and energized by the people in and surrounding the company, particularly our partners and customers.

The great news is that we’re growing and we’re looking for people who are game changers and are supercharged about customers. Check out our open positions. Reading this article may lead you down the orange path. Please feel free to share this article and open positions at Pure with others.