Change is the only constant. My grandfather bestowed these words upon me when I was about ten years old and has served me well. One must embrace change or find themselves left behind. I firmly believe flash is revolutionizing the datacenter, so much so that I’ve made a change of my own. I’ve joined Pure Storage!

Innovation never sleeps. It seem to progress in cycles comprised of major and minor technical advancements. Many believe the last major innovation in IT infrastructure technology was server virtualization as it imposed global scale change in datacenters and IT operations. Subsequent innovations, the successors of virtualization if you will, have been minor advancements. This includes cloud computing, converged infrastructures, and of late the software defined datacenter. Each of which has spawned innovation and markets, but none have had the impact that virtualization brought to bear.

I’m confident that the flash-enabled datacenter is the next seismic shift in IT infrastructure technology. It exponentially increases the ability delivery data to applications, which in turn provides a broad range of benefits including scaling application performance, accelerating innovation, reducing time to market, simplifying operations and licensing, and more.

Pure Storage has developed a core set of technologies that make flash available for everyone today! This isn’t hyperbole or over-stated marketing. They have broken the barrier to flash that cause many to either delay their adoption or seek half-step methods in deploying flash. In the days, weeks and months to follow I will share the details around Pure’s innovation and how this technology is radically advancing our customers’ business goals.

Flash is a major technological advancement that will have a seismic impact on the datacenter. I joined to help advance customer’s business goals and lead the flash revolution. On behalf of Pure Storage, I’d like to ask you to consider joining us. We are looking for wildly passionate and talented individuals who want to take part in the revolution; it’s just a mouse click away!

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