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Pure Storage FlashArray//m is now certified by SAP as an enterprise storage solution for the SAP HANA® platform. SAP is constantly working with vendors to help customers in choosing compute, networking and storage components for SAP HANA through its Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) option. Now FlashArray//m participates in this program with its capabilities proven to meet and exceed the storage needs for SAP HANA.

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As you guys know, HANA is an in-memory database that stores and processes bulk of the data in memory. SAP HANA needs to persist a copy of data for the purpose of startup and fault recovery without data loss. The Pure Storage FlashArray//m delivers all-flash performance , built-in resiliency and end-to-end simplicity. Above all, these are made possible at a cost that is often lower than that of traditional disk or hybrid arrays.

FlashArray//m brings the following essentials to complete the promise of in-memory databases.

  • High performance persistent storage with sub millisecond latency
  • Industry leading data reduction (both inline compression and deduplication) to bring down storage footprint and reduce cost
  • Greater than 5 9’s high availability with no single points of failure
  • Simplified management with rapid provisioning and replication capabilities

This is the new certification version from SAP HANA-HWC-ES 1.1(scenario version). The Enterprise Storage Certification Scenario HANA-HWC-ES 1.1 is the successor of HANA-HWC-ES 1.0 with an updated testing method and an adopted set of KPIs. Certifications that were released under scenario 1.0 remain valid until their expiration date and to be used with all SAP HANA revisions, as our FA-400 series is HANA-HWC-ES 1.0 certified.

SAP HANA nodes recommendation for FlashArray//m models


As per HANA certification guidelines we used a 2+1 cluster configuration. Three Cisco UCS B440 M2 blades are used with SUSE 11 SP3 OS, XFS file system for Data and Log volumes, including High Availability Option and OCFS2 for the /hana/shared partition to create the environment.

We have published a best practice guide that explains everything soup to nuts when it comes to deploying SAP HANA on FlashArray//m. Check it out here