Hi all,

I’m pleased to introduce you to Ravi Venkat, our Virtualization Solutions Architect here at Pure Storage.  Ravi’s been with Pure Storage for about 9 months, and his job is to be the company’s foremost expert at the intersection of flash and virtualization.  He tests the Pure Storage FlashArray in the lab in a variety of virtualization use cases (server virtualization, VDI, backup, DR, migrations, etc.) and across all the major virtualization platforms (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, etc.).  He also works closely with customers in key virtualization deployments, helping them understand how flash can improve their virtualized datacenters.

Prior to Pure Storage, Ravi was the lead virtualization Solutions Architect at Cisco, helping drive the momentum that Cisco has had with the Unified Computing System, UCS.  Prior to Cisco, Ravi was part of the storage engineering team at VMware, and was part of the engineering team at VERITAS working on storage virtualization and file system technologies.

Ravi will be sharing his learnings and advice through a series of reference architectures, whitepapers, and blog posts, published on this site.  Ravi will publishing his first post tomorrow, exploring why VM host/array block alignment simply doesn’t matter on the Pure Storage FlashArray, complete with the lab tests to back that up!